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Malted Milk Powder

Has anyone seen this product in T.O.?
I'm baking for the holidays and found several recipes that call for it and look intriguing. I've checked Pusateri's and William Sonoma, where should I be trying?

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  1. Look for a brand called Ovaltine, which I believe should be available in every supermarket (in the display with Nestle's Quik, or possibly in the coffee section).

    I assume that you're looking for malted milk powder, and not malt powder - they're two different things.

    1. Ovaltine is not malted milk powder...it's more like a Nestle's Quik type drink.

      Carnation makes a malted milk powder but it's hard to find (even here in New York, I only found it at a small Spanish grocery store??) If a store would have it it would be near the Hershey's Syrups or the condensed milks.

      I grew up in the midwest and malts were always offered with shakes. When I came here and asked for a malt people just looked at my weird. That's why I had to scrounge the stores to make my own at home.

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        Ovaltine IS malted milk powder. They have same ingredients and taste exactly the same. This is all you will find in Canada, although the States offers several brands.

        Hey, even Martha says so: http://www.marthastewart.com/page.jht...

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          I think you are on track with the Spanish / Latin stores. I think I saw some at Perola in Kensington last week. Green container maybe ??

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            Milo Malted milk comes in the green container..I've seen it in both the Latin and the West Indian stores/bakeries in Kensington. Horlicks is another brand besides Ovaltine and Milo.

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            Pastoralia, You are 100% correct! Carnation malted milk powder and Ovaltine are two entirely different animals.
            Ovaltine is a strange powder that happens to have malt in it, but it's nothing like real malt powder.
            I've noticed over the years that it has become almost impossible to locate that precious genuine Carnation brand malt. Used to eat it by the spoonful, just like malted milk balls w/o the crappy chocolatey shell!
            What the hell doees M. Stewart know anyhow? The cow!

          3. I would check out the Bulk Barn.

            1. We looked recently for malted milk powder - checked Loblaws and Bulk Barn and couldn't find it. I can't even remember what my husband wanted to make with it, but we didn't have any luck finding it.

              1. Probably won't get there in time, but here's a link for a place where you can order it:

                1. At the two Fortinos I shop at, I am able to get both Ovaltine and Horlick's on the same aisle you get hot chocolate, chocolate milk and coffee type beverages...both are forms of Malted Milk beverages...

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                    yaaah, when I read malted milk powder, Horlicks was one of the first things that popped into my head as well.... I can't remember if i've seen them in regular grocery stores or not, but I remember buying it from chinese grocery stores.

                  2. Here's an old post about malt and Ovaltine (which, if you've tasted both know are nothing like one another):


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                      Ahhh, I remember when I was obsessed with that stuff.
                      What I learned since then is that Ovaltine European formula is best (most malt flavor without all the added sugar and junk). Ovaltine American style is worst (soooo sugary) and Horlicks and Carnation were somewhere inbetween on the sugar scale. I only did a taste test between the two Ovaltines, but when you compare all the labels the formulas are quite different.
                      The best display of all these brands is at the Hong Kong Supermarket in Elmshurst,(Queens, NY), so in Toronto I would look for it at your largest Asian supermarket.
                      The cheesecake I finally made with it was fabulous, and one day I'm going to perfect the Ovaltine cookie recipe.

                    2. you can find large, bulk size tins of Ovaltine at chinese grocery markets - almost all that i've seen in the GTA have them - its a LOT cheaper than regular grocery stores. and i've seen milo and horlicks in asian store also.

                      1. Horlick's is the classic. It is malt powder -- not otherwise flavoured.

                        1. Every chinese grocer and large supermarket has Milo and Horlicks.

                          If you are looking for BREAD baking, then you are probably looking for malted barley powder. This is more difficult to find.

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                            Malted barley powder I found in a Korean store, although what I found was more like big pieces of tough bran flakes. Koreans like to brew it for tea I never figured out what to do with it.

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                              Malted barley powder can be bought and any beer making supply store. When I was making beer at home, I also made the occasional malted milk which tasted great when I used the light malted barley.

                            2. T & T carries an imported version of Ovaltine. It comes as a white powder in a blue labeled jar, rather than the regular chocolate-ish powder in the red jar.

                              The ingredients are different, I would have to try Horlicks to judge whether this version would classify as a "malted milk" beverage. That said, I like the Asian formula a lot more.

                              And yes, I enjoy the occasional spoonful

                              1. I've got to find this Horlick's brand and see what all the fuss is about.

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                                  Horlick's has its own distinct flavour, which is far from the vanilla or chocolate malted milk you may have had as a kid. Ovaltine comes closest. You will not find anything labelled "malted milk powder" in Ontario supermarkets, though Ovaltine is labelled a "malted drink". Ovaltine is what a huge number of print and online recipes suggest using. Whizzed in a blender with ice cream and milk, you won't be able to tell any difference.

                                2. In Michigan, Gordon Food Service (GFS) sells the big 40 oz can of Carnation Malted Milk powder. I love the stuff. I know that GFS also has many stores in Ontario, but don't know if they carry this.

                                  1. wow! a plethora of answers! thanks for all the great info. I'm gonna track down this Horlick's stuff come hell or high water, but I'm loving the link to CTL Foods (thanx pescatarian). I just might have to make trek to T&T but I live next to Chinatown so wish me luck that I can find it down here. I never knew it was an Asian staple.
                                    ooh and thanx dearborn barkis GFS is totally doable for me!

                                    1. In her dessert and baking book "In the Sweet Kitchen" Regan Daley (formerly pastry chef at Avalon and others) says "malted milk powder ... is widely available in North American grocery stores in the powdered beverages section, under names such as Carnation and Ovaltine" (p. 243).

                                      1. So, where exactly can i find Milo in the GTA?

                                        I don't want Ovaltine or Nestle's Quik

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                                          Most West Indian stores carry Milo so depending where you live that's what I would try.
                                          Kensington, Oakwood and Eglinton, St.Clair and Vaughan Rd. are all areas with a fairly large W.I. population.

                                        2. malted milk powder is sold at No Frills, brand names Horlicks and Ovaltine. there is more than one kind / flavour of Ovaltine - read labels.