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Dec 20, 2006 03:19 PM

Malted Milk Powder

Has anyone seen this product in T.O.?
I'm baking for the holidays and found several recipes that call for it and look intriguing. I've checked Pusateri's and William Sonoma, where should I be trying?

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  1. Look for a brand called Ovaltine, which I believe should be available in every supermarket (in the display with Nestle's Quik, or possibly in the coffee section).

    I assume that you're looking for malted milk powder, and not malt powder - they're two different things.

    1. Ovaltine is not malted milk's more like a Nestle's Quik type drink.

      Carnation makes a malted milk powder but it's hard to find (even here in New York, I only found it at a small Spanish grocery store??) If a store would have it it would be near the Hershey's Syrups or the condensed milks.

      I grew up in the midwest and malts were always offered with shakes. When I came here and asked for a malt people just looked at my weird. That's why I had to scrounge the stores to make my own at home.

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        Ovaltine IS malted milk powder. They have same ingredients and taste exactly the same. This is all you will find in Canada, although the States offers several brands.

        Hey, even Martha says so:

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          I think you are on track with the Spanish / Latin stores. I think I saw some at Perola in Kensington last week. Green container maybe ??

          1. re: Mila

            Milo Malted milk comes in the green container..I've seen it in both the Latin and the West Indian stores/bakeries in Kensington. Horlicks is another brand besides Ovaltine and Milo.

          2. re: pastoralia

            Pastoralia, You are 100% correct! Carnation malted milk powder and Ovaltine are two entirely different animals.
            Ovaltine is a strange powder that happens to have malt in it, but it's nothing like real malt powder.
            I've noticed over the years that it has become almost impossible to locate that precious genuine Carnation brand malt. Used to eat it by the spoonful, just like malted milk balls w/o the crappy chocolatey shell!
            What the hell doees M. Stewart know anyhow? The cow!

          3. I would check out the Bulk Barn.

            1. We looked recently for malted milk powder - checked Loblaws and Bulk Barn and couldn't find it. I can't even remember what my husband wanted to make with it, but we didn't have any luck finding it.

              1. Probably won't get there in time, but here's a link for a place where you can order it: