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Oro Christmas Party

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Our company Christmas Party was at Oro this year, and i just can;t sya enough good about this place. It was the fourth time I've been there, but the first time in a banquet situation, and i was interested to see how they'd handle it. The previous year had been at North 44 and I was less than impressed (and see my recent posting on another North 44 meal).

Happy to say the meal was amazing. We started with hors d'oevres of grilled chicken with pest sauce (good), spring rolls (better) and grilled calamari (WOW!!!). At the main meal they started us with a garden salad, goat cheese and the seemingly ubiquitous balsamic drizzle. The quality of the ingredients made the dish, and doubly impressive as I know that the Christmas Party Committee was on a tight budget this year. the goat cheese was very creamy and tastym and the drizzle a perfect complement of tart and sweet.

I had a steak main, served over mashed potatoes, red wine reduction and various root vegetables. Again a marvel for the budget, the steak tender, the reduction deeply flavoured, the potatoes perfectly garlicky and the veggies (wish i could remember exactly), a great complement to the other ingredients.

Dessert was tiramisu. Good but not stellar, not quite up to the rest of the meal.

Compared to North 44 the year before Oro easily beat them.

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  1. I had dinner at Oro too, but it was a pre-conference event. It totally blew me away! From the hors d'oeuvres (sp?) to the meal (so good, I actually cleaned my plate!) to the extremely tasty dessert with an icewine pairing, everything was exemplery - including the servers. My husband has been there for a business lunch and raved about it too.

    Maybe, I'll take him there for his birthday! :-D

    1. I was fortunate enough to have dinner at Oro last year. The food was great. Can't remember what I had, but it was delicious, including the dessert. The only complaint I would have is that the pasta dishes seemed a bit small.