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Dec 20, 2006 03:02 PM

North 44

Posted a few weeks ago looking for recos on Centro, but to our surprise we were taken to North 44 across the street.

Started with a fine sleection of oysters, and a great selection of flatbreads and breads. Oysters were plump and amazing, but wasn't fond of the gaspacho ice served with it. Would have preferred a sleection hot sauces a la Rodney's.

Had the duck three ways for the main, which inlcuded a confit leg and foie gras. Melt in your mouth. Not sure it would be worth the $45 if I was paying, but I wasn't and enjoyed every bite.

Ended with a chocolate torte, which was rich and choclatey, but perhpas a little too eggy.

we had wine with everything and cocktails prior, and I think the final cost was ~$200/head. I really enjoyed it but I am not sure it was worth the price. i was actually a bit hungry when I left!

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  1. I had a similar experience at North 44 recently. This was my sixth time there over the last 7 years. The duck, while as good as ever, was embarrassingly small for a full price entre. It’s hard to not feel ripped off when the portion size has been so noticeably reduced from prior visits.
    The lobster bisque I tasted was amazing and my sweet pea risotto was very good but not excellent, again size wise it would have been more at home as part of a 5 course menu. Appetizer, entree and dessert left us hungry at the end of the evening. The bill came to $268 and my $35 tip was clearly not appreciated as the server basically threw our change onto the table and stormed off.

    I’ve had many amazing meals here over the years so it was quite sad that it had to end this way, as that evening will likely have been my last.

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      I also had a meal at North 44 recently after have not been there for 2 years but I do enjoy it. Not something really extraordinary but it was good. My yellowfin tuna did overcook a bit though. Portion with the lamb rack is ok, the tuna is actually quite big in size. The appetizer, fried halibut and scallop cakes, is the best of the night but not cheap. We were at least 80% full after the 3 courses.

      I also got the lobster bisque, I don't think the size is small, it is ok with a generous portion of lobster in it. It is better than the one I had in Chiado. Thuet also has lobster bisque in their menu (not sure if they got it anymore now), it is $14 (the one at North 44 is $12.5) but with NO lobster in it and only 70 % of the size of North 44.