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Dec 20, 2006 03:01 PM

Clam bake / Lobster bake?

I can't recall the name of that place in city that delivers ready-to-cook lobster and clam bakes. Help!

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  1. there is a place called urban lobster....

    1. Here in the city Lobster Place sells them for pickup or mailorder

      For other places a search of the General board will bring up Legal Seafoods and some other New England based seafood retailers

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      1. re: was_bk

        The lobster place! That's it! THANK YOU!!!! (It was driving me crazy)

      2. Thanks but not the one I'm thinking of...I actually first heard about it on Chowhound but now can't find the original posting - this places serves the clambake / lobsterbake in a tin bucket and gives you crackers and everything?