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Dec 20, 2006 02:57 PM

to DKstar - question for him

hi there...
u broke the news about curry in a hurry and I wanted to see if you knew of a place with a similar tasting tikka masala...I have tried tamarind and every place on 6th and for some reason I LOVE curry in a hurry...any advice?

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  1. honestly, there isn't one I can currently recommend. I used to like the one at Curry Leaf (I also used to like their Chicken Makani) but both have gone downhill.

    Actually...Copper Chimney makes a good tikka masala. They also have a very flavorful, moist chicken dish called Chicken 66. The number is the number of days old (or in this case, young) the chicken was when it was slaughtered. Not sure of the significance of the number of days old...but it's a very tender meat.