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Dec 20, 2006 02:56 PM

Bourbon Street Grill

I work adjacent to the Eaton Centre and am always happy when an interesting new choice opens up in one of their food courts. i find te most interesting place is the one deep underground, underneath Sears. While it is still dubious, at least the Thai place and the Chinese place are slightly better than the Manchu Wok...

So I was interested to note that a cajun place was opening up between them, called the Bourbon Street Grill.

But what a bizarre order similar to the Manchu wok, in that for a set price you get a choice of X number of meat dishes, Y number of vegetable dishes, served with rice or noodles. While the dishes are cajun in origin, the condiments available are soya sauce, asian hot suace and you have your choice of fork or chopsticks...

I ordered the blackened chicken and the barbecue chicken with the rice and beans, and mixed vegetables. while everything tasted OK, I quickly learned that the secret ingredient is salt. Wierd as the BBQ sauce wsn't half bad. with a slightly smoky flavour, and even a touch of molasses. Completely unexpected. Of course the hit of sodium chloride you get a few minutes later isn't worth it.

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  1. Ahh yes...

    Real authentic Cajun foods made by fast food workers and brought to you by the same people who brought Nori Japan, Ruby Thai Kitchen and Stir Fry 88.

    I scanned the one in Hamilton at Eastgate Square and when I saw one of the dining options was Blackened Fish with fried rice (yup soy sauce, egg, chicken/pork-type meat - they couldn't tell me what it was, rice and veggies) I passed...MSG and heavy salt do not belong in Shrimp Etoufee.

    Try Southern Accent for an okay dining experience or Cajun Corner for good take out...

    1. BSG is by no means quality Chinese food, but it does the trick if you're looking for some greasy (in the good way) lemon chicken, fried rice, etc....

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      1. re: Brain of J

        Can you explain why anyone thought cajun-chinese fusion would be a good food court idea?

          1. re: bluedog

            Because non-foodies don't know any better? BSG might be "exotic" enough for some of them!

        1. LOL. We have a Bourbon Grill at First Canadian Place too. I had exactly the same experience. Looks like Cajun tastes like Chinese.

          The vegetable sides are are a smidgeon above food court standards.

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          1. re: Mila

            Can I hijack this thread and talk about that Shawarma King place in the Eaton Center food court? The falafel look like they were deep fried a week ago. But at least they got their name right, if Shawarma means Burger in Arabic.

            As for Bourbon Street Grill.. at least it's not drenched in grease.

          2. I recently tried their cajun shrimp and its is tasty. The blackened fish isn't too bad as well. It's nice to see seafood selections at a food court. Agree that everything is too salty, but I love the huge portions. I can easily make two meals out of one order.