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Dec 20, 2006 02:52 PM

dinner before a show at the trocadero tonight...

i've had thai, pho and burmese in chinatown... how about chinese?? where would you recommend for a quick solo dinner before a show at the trocadero tonight? somewhere that has a fabulous vegetable egg roll, and preferably someplace that does tofu dishes *right* (not as an afterthought!). thanks all!

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  1. Lee How Fouk, I have had fried tofu there and it was good, though I am no aficionado. Penang is not chinese, but good for the "quick solo" factor. One thing I really like is India Mee Goreng which is like Squid ink Lo mein. Some items are hit or miss.

    1. Lakeside Deli has fantastic food, no frills environment and cheap prices. Their staff is very friendly and accomodating -- perfect for solor dining. Unfortunately I can't comment specifically on the veggie egg roll, but all the food I've had has been consistantly good. You can also order from their dim sum menu :)

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        I believe rabidog is a vegetarian, as am I, so I wanted to ask you about how vegetarian friendly the dim sum is at Lakeside. I looked at their menu online, and there appear to be many choices for vegetarians. However, I always have the fear with dim sum that I won't know what something is when it is brought around, and thus will either not want to try it, or will bite into something only to find it is meat. If nothing else, is the staff attentive and conversant enough with the patrons to address specific questions about what is being served, as I know that language barriers can at times cause problems in situations like this? Thanks for any advice you can provide, as Lakeside is so highly regarded on here that I'd like to try it sometime soon.

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          I think it depends on an individual's specific vegetarian needs. The owner/wife is very enthusiastic (in general), and even more so when non-Chinese order non-Americanized dishes. She is very easy to talk to -- be specific as to your requirements, and I seriously doubt she would steer you wrong. Her English is very good, sometimes verb tenses are wrong, but hey, we all make mistakes :) Instead of asking about meat, I would ask about dried shrimp paste and other "hidden" items, oil for frying, etc. They do have a section for vegtables, but one of the items is Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce. A safe bet is the baby bok choy (little 2" long ones) with garlic sauce, which is crisp-tender and comes in both large and dim sum sizes.

          I would stop by and speak to her. It's a very casual place and I'm sure they would go out of their way to accomodate you.

          1. re: croutonpiggy

            Let me reply to this, as I am full on vegetarian, and eat at Lakeside.

            Many of their dim sum dishes do contain meat, and those that seem vegetarian can have shrimp in them. Simply ask. They are incredibly attentive.

            I know that rabidog does eat fish, so she would not have a problem at Lakeside eating dim sum and will find it is perfect for a solo diner.

            I must say my favorite preparation of tofu in Philadelphia is at Shao lan Kung. Their salt baked tofu along with the snow pea leaves with garlic is AMAZING but they don't have much else vegetarian.

      2. How about Cherry Street? All vegetarian, very good, right around the corner from the Troc.

        1. great suggestions all - i can't pick, so i'll "menu shop" the above-mentioned. i'll be sure to report back on the winning restaurant! i don't know nearly enough about chinatown for living within walking distance!!

          1. I know I'm a bit late to this thread, and this isn't really near the Troc, but for future reference... The best tofu-based chinese in Philly, imo, is not in Chinatown -- it's the new veg-chinese restaurant, Su Xing, at 1508 Sansom.

            I didn't think I could like a place better than Cherry St., but the menu at Su Xing has more straight tofu dishes (which I tend to prefer) and less mock meats.