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Dec 20, 2006 02:50 PM

Best Brownie Sundae in Manhattan

Where should I go to gorge myself?

Many thanks!

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  1. i know you said manhattan but the best one that comes to mind is at the chocolate room on 5th ave in park slope...seriously.

    1. I know some people on here get a little excited when the place is mentioned but Houston's has a damn good brownie sundae

      1. There is this place in Gramercy called "CHOICE" Kitchen and Cocktails. Seriously - one of the WORST dinners I've ever had in Manhattan. Its only saving grace is this crunchy (yes, crunchy!) brownie sundae for dessert. It was truly memorable...the ONLY good part of the evening! Just go for dessert...

          1. re: the save

            fred's use to have one - served warm, of course - that was to die for. i was a regular after we dined at monsoon's. fred's is on amsterdam in the w80s. since i haven't tried too many of these, i don't feel like an expert. however, i will look forward to trying the recos mentioned here. i'd even try houston's as it's completely believable. maybe it's like 'Choice'.

            1. re: the save

              I'll chime in on this rec even though I have not had the brownie sundae at BLT Prime, because the other sundaes I have had at both Prime and BLT Steak have been consistently excellent.

            2. I second the Chocolate Room in Park Slope. It is better than any I have had in Manhattan.

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                I'll third the chocolate room for deliciousness, but i thought the brownie sundae was a bit small for sharing (or maybe my bf and i are just pigs?)