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Dec 20, 2006 02:46 PM

Pan Chancho, Kingston

In a recent trip to kingston, we had lunch at Pan Chancho, a daughter restaurant to Chez Piggy, the location of their bakery.

We started with almost perfectly executed frties and aioli. I say "almost" as the bottom few were a tad oily, but otherwise these are the best frites in town, easily surpassing the mother ship and Le Chien Noir, and approaching Jaimie Kennedy.

For my main I had a sort of spicy ratatouille, accompanied by three types of house made sausage, chicken, andouille and shrimp. the ratatouille was very spicy and went nicely with the Prince Edward County Vidal I had ordered to accompany. The sausages were nicely done, but only the shrimp really stood out as stellar. Very tasty.

The bread that accompanied was amazing, all house made and definetly the best bread in town, and probably for many towns around.

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  1. i've been a bit touch and go with pan chancho but i've always found them to turn on the plus side more than anything else. it's definitely one of the better places in kingston.

    did you get anything from the counter before you left? i was absolutely addicted to their simple dragon noodles and always tempted by their desserts. great place to pick up a couple items then head straight down to the waterfront for a picnic.

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      Actually I find miost Kingston places touch and go. Both Chez Piggy and Chien Noir (at least based on one epxreience, see the review I posted today) come up on the plus side, but never without some issues.

      We didn't do any takeout but will next time

    2. Have you ever tried Curry Original in Kingston for Indian food? This is one of my favourite restaurants in Kingston that I have to go to every time that I am in Kingston. Website:

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        oh gosh, if we're talking best restaurants in kingston... well don't ignore wok-in.

        it's more of a take-out kind of place but gosh darn it, some of the best food you can get in that city for some dirt cheap prices too.

        atomica also got me onto potato pizzas. their ravioli wth the butter sauce and pinenuts or something is ridiculously good but i'd stay away from the cannoli! (sp?)

        sometimes i miss that city.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          I love the Wok-in. I've never found anything as good in Toronto in terms of Cambodian/Vietnamese food.

          Another uniquely Kingston food item: Stooley fries, that is served with the topping. It could be university nostaglia clouding my memory but they where so addictive.

          1. re: cookiebaker

            the secret... i'm fairly sure... is chicken boullion.

            super high flavour/salt content! but i agree, never had anything like that anywhere else.

            damn, i really also wanted the bourbon pie from the brew pub so badly this weekend.

      2. Pan C is the best place to stop when driving the 401, detour via Division Street 10-15 mins into the abyss of Kingston, pick up a couple of their inimitable roast beef sandwiches (and a cookie or pastry, too, if you're feeling naughty), grab a large Diet Coke at the McDonald's by the 401 on-ramp and you're set for the next few hundred miles !

        1. Love the place - can't say enough aobut it. I used to live across the street when it was buried behind the corner of King/Johnson. I've been a long time, loyal customer, even though I'm now in TO. I think I need a trip back to K-Town.

          1. Athough all the placed mentioned above are good, Woodenheads is still my favorite place to eat in Kingston. They make the best homemade, wood burning oven pizza i have ever had. The dynamo is my favorite!!!