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Dec 20, 2006 02:36 PM

Dinner near the Pantages?

My girlfriend and I are goint to the Lion King. Any suggestions for good dining and a cockail? Moderate price range and Japanese, Italian or American would be fine. TIA

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  1. Off Vine is close, has good food and is very cozy on a winter's night.

      1. Hungry Cat for outstanding cocktails, Pug burger and lobster rolls. They even have premium rye whiskeys. More than anywhere in town. And, you can even walk there.

        1. Magnolia is great but It can get really loud. If you like seafood, Hungry Cat is THE BEST! You may need to make reservations about 4-5 days in advance.

          1. Do a search, b/c someone recently gave Off Vine a bad review. I prefer Bowery Bar to Magnolia, but it gets loud, too. Hollywood and Vine diner is 2 doors down from Pantages. Good food, a little pricey, full bar.

            My favorite is Los Balcones de Peru on Vine across from the Arclight. I think it's just beer and wine, tho.

            I think some of the restaurants at Hollywood and Highland have a shuttle to the Pantages, but you'd need to check. Koji's Shabu Shabu for Japanese and full bar. Some people like Vert.