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Dec 20, 2006 02:29 PM

Beef jerky

I'm just finishing out my holiday batch of beef jerky, and realizing I'm pretty much in a rut for a recipe. I use soy sauce, balsamic, shaoxing, fresh garlic and ginger and a dash of hot saucs. Every batch changes a little (this last one was very gingery), but it's always teriyaki of some sort. Anyone else have suggestions for other flavors?

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  1. I have a fabulous beef jerky recipe, but don't have it on me. I used a recipe I found online which I (of course) have modified over the years. When I get home this evening I will post it, it really is outstanding.

    1. I got a food dehydrator last year for Xmas and I don't use it as much as I like. Is it necessary to use that sodium nitrate preservative if I eat all of it within a month? I was using bulgolgi sauce with the packet that came with the dehydrator and it was quite tasty.

      1. Are you using a dehydrator? I'm also looking for a method that I can use to make jerky but without a dehydrator.

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          I am using a dehydrator, but I didn't start out that way. I was given a loose recipe as a 12-year old: Slice lean meay about a quarter inch thick, season as you like, lay it on baking sheets in the oven set as low as you can. Leave it overnight. My dehydrator works better because there is air flow on both sides, but both methods work.

          I never use nitrates (brought up in a household without them. *sigh*). I keep it in the fridge or freezer if I'm keeping it longer than a week. The fat makes it go rancid quicker, logically enough.

          I've been using top round london broil, but I just used top round roast (because it was cheap) and I'll admit that I'm sold. There was just so much less fat to deal with.

        2. ....i haven't used balsamic! thats a good idea

          paprika, salt, garlic, powder, lots of good black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, dried leaf oregano, dried thyme, liquid smoke and a dash of brown sugar- not too much or it will turn out like a spicy teriyaki

          i usually just eye-ball it. good luck

          1. I am a bit late, but this is my recipe that I marinate the meat in overnight:

            2/3 C Worcestershire sauce
            2/3 C of soy sauce
            1 tsp. of black pepper
            1 tsp. garlic powder
            1 tsp. onion powder
            1 tsp. liquid smoke
            2 tsp. red pepper flakes