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Dec 20, 2006 02:17 PM

need help for Fells Point area - quickly

Now my husband says he wants to eat in Fells Point - or near there. He is most interested in seafood. This is for tomorrow (Thursday), probably around 5:30.
He's heard a lot about that area and wants to see it.

I have been reading up - I was all prepared with choices from your Board that are closer to the Walters. So now . . .

Which would you recommend?
Henningers Tavern
John Steven

It looked like Black Olive and Kali's Court would be more expensive than what we were looking for.

Anything else?

Thanks in advance.

Sylvia in Philly

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  1. I would take Henninger's over Steven's for both food & atmo. Meze is another option, it's next to Kali's Ct & same owners but I haven't been, I'm sure someone else here has & can give info.

    Also check out Peter's Inn on Ann St. They have a website. When they're doing seafood/fish few do it better, tho they don't start serving till 6 or 6:30. They are right up the street from Steven's tho, have a beer there (the bar is great)then wander up (3 blocks).

    1. Henningers Tavern, great food great atmosphere:

      Peter's Inn has a way more limited menu and IMHO the food is not as good.

      if you venture 3 minutes east of Fells Point to Canton, Mamas on the Half Shell is great!

      1. Pierpoints on Aliceanna Street is a little pricier(? is rhat a word)than what hon suggested but the food is inventive(smoked crabcakes!!) and good

        1. I think JS is a fine pub but I am not a fan of the food.

          Henninger's is a better option, but I echo the Peter's Inn rec.

          1. I had a great meal at Henninger's last week (although it was lamb and steak). I don't know why I don't go there more often.