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Mar 26, 2005 10:05 PM

Thin Crust Pizza

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Thin Crust European style pizza in San Francisco... Where?

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    1. I like Amici's on Union, but would also recommend Za Pizza on Hyde and union.

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      1. re: semmel
        Robert Lauriston

        Amici's is New York-style thin crust.

        Italian-style, A16, Café Niebaum-Coppola, Pazzia, Pizetta 211, Zuni.

        Also, in the East Bay, Chez Panisse, Dopo, and Oliveto.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Rather than start a new topic, I thought I'd add to this thread.

          Other than Amici's are there any good thin crust pizza places around San Mateo/Foster City?

          1. re: KK

            There are several restaurants in Half Moon Bay that serve good thin-crust pizzas: Pasta Moon, Cetrella and Mezza Luna. We just ate at the bar at Cetrella on Friday night and shared a delicious warm, romaine salad with olive vinegraitte. Then we each had our own individual thin-crust pizzas -- mine with wild mushrooms, my husband's with duck and mushrooms. With a glass of Zin (me) and a draught Boont Ale (my husband) and some great live jazz it was a wonderful evening. The bar has its own menu, but you can also order from the dining room menu.


            1. re: KK

              Absolutely. Speederia Pizzeria on 711 Laurel in downtown San Carlos. It and NYPie in Santa Rosa make my 2 favorite thin-crust pizzas in the Bay Area. Speederia is literally a hole-in-the-wall. 2 (or is it 3?) small tables with a couple of bar stools around each one. You either order by the slice or a whole 18 inch pie.

              1. re: KK

                Not that i have found. There's a place called Mr Pizza I think on 4th in San Mateo that looks like it might be decent but I haven't tried it yet...

                1. re: molly

                  Sorry to say, I tried Mr. Pizza about 5-6 years ago and it was pretty bad. If you try it or hear that they've gotten better since then, please let us know.

                2. re: KK

                  This recent thread might help you.

                  Based on my sojourns, the short answer is Speederia and Slice on the Ave (the latter is now gone).
                  There were some other suggestions in this thread that I haven't been able to try yet (with the exception of thick crust at Windy City).


                  1. re: katya

                    I recently got a pie for takeout from Speederia in San Carlos. It is definitely thin and floppy style. I enjoyed the fresh tasting sauce, though I prefer my crust to have a bit more crispness and browning. It is definitely with the range of New York style pizzas. My main complaint is that they use that thin sliced precooked sausage rather than a glob of loose ground meat sausage, but then again, that is within the New York genre (though not my favorite version of it.)

                  2. re: KK

                    Is everyone here talking about a cracker-hard crust or a soft pliable/foldable crust?
                    There used to be a place in San Mateo called Santini's that had a great pizza with big, juicy slices you had to fold to eat so everything wouldn't slide off. Mmm! (Sigh, I miss them.)
                    Anybody remember them? Are there any pizzas like that around?

                    1. re: MunchinMan

                      I remember Santini's pizza. The crust was oily and soggy and soooo good!!! I don't care for crunchy crust. Now, is there a local place that makes it with all that cheese, sauce and olive oil?

              2. 1-Pizetta 211 in the avenues, great Californian influenced thin crust pizzeria.
                2-Zuni, classic euro pizza, full restaurant menu.
                3-Via Vai on Union full menu, pastas salads, great wood-burning pizzas,


                Also over the GG Bridge is Small Shed Flatbreads in Mill Valley. Wood-burning, very very very thin, crispy, delicious Mediterranean/Cal pizzeria plus.

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                1. re: Amy N.

                  Via Vai is no more. It's parent, Pane e Vino, took over the space, don't know if it offers pizzas.

                2. Pazzia, on 3rd and Folsom, delicious Euro Pizza.

                    1605 Jerrold Avenue
                    Weekdays Only 10 am to 2 pm
                    cracker thin crust

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                    1. re: Cynsa

                      Baonecci in North Beach, v. thin crust