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Dec 20, 2006 01:40 PM

New Restaurant in the Financial District???

Hi all. I recall hearing (reading) about a new restaurant in the financial district (last few months). My fading memory recalls that it was fancy, but not to the No.9 and Radius level. Anyone know the name of the restaurant, or did I completely get it wrong. Thanks and wishing all a holiday season filled with alot of good chow!

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  1. Perhaps you're thinking of Miel in the new InterContinental Hotel over by South Station, a "Provencale Brasserie". I haven't tried it yet.

    1. The first thing that came to mind is maybe the new restaurant in the Folio Condos on Broad Street - Vintage?

      1. VL, that's it. Anyone been there? I heard good things about it, a pleasantly surprised type of comments.

        1. I'd guessed that Vintage Lounge was just a bar, but the website shows a pretty interesting-looking menu: kind of pan-Mediterranean, covering a lot of ground, with mezze, apps, and entrees. They also do Sunday brunch in a neighborhood with limited options on that front.

          The name, however, invites confusion with the craptastical Vintage Restaurant in West Roxbury.

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            I guess calling it a "lounge" is a bit misleading, but they've always had the concept for a nice restaurant in addition to a bar since it's located in a new condo building. I remember reading a few articles re: wanting to do a slightly upscale menu to stand out from the various pubs in the area. Just another new restaurant to add to the growing list that I'm falling behind on - I also want to check out the Good Life downtown now that Michael Scelfo is there.

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Office booked the whole place and had a holiday party at VL. Not sure if the food for the event can be taken as representative of their usual fare, but it was generally good to very good.

              Their carving station served a succulent, savory roast, and various servers made the rounds with tasty finger foods. A duck confit eggroll with a sweet sauce was memorable.

              I'll go back for an actual meal on the basis of the experience, and hope that we didn't just receive some special treatment the evening of that party.