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Dec 20, 2006 01:33 PM

Light fruitcake vs. dark fruitcake? Or none at all?

Question of the day, on the scale of the hamentasch vs. latke debate....

Are you for fruit cake or against fruit cake? Present your case.

Me, I happen to like the stuff, to the historical derision of many friends.

I am the proud owner of multiple fruitcake recipes of 20s-era vintage, lovingly handed down for three generations. (OK, haven't made them for ten years or so. Time, effort, and a personal tendency to consume any leftovers!)

IMNSHO, a good fruit cake should be loaded with nuts, citron and candied lemon rind. Red marschiao cherries, please, no green ones.

I'm not so fond of the dark ones, although I can see their richness being more easily adapted to something elevated and organic. I haven't, however, been motivated enough to experiment.

What are your preferences? Light fruitcake? Dark fruitcake? Or none at all?

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  1. I'm with you. I actually like fruitcake. My favorite one that I made a few times is steamed then kept wrapped in cheesecloth in fridge for a month (dampening it every few days with sherry or dark rum). It's from an old Gourmet cookbook. My other fav. is a light fruitcake from Epicurious, made with dried pineapple, peaches, apples etc (not a traditional one...) moistened with bourbon. I don't like the commercial ones so much though.

    1. I love fruitcake. I make a light fruitcake that has all organic ingredients, raisins, currants, dried papaya, mango, pineapple, etc. from Whole foods, black coffee, grape jelly. After soaking fruits in coffee and grape jelly, add dry ingredients and after baking, pour bourbon over them and let sit for several weeks, pouring bourbon over it every few days.

      1. I'm all for fruitcake if I need to, say, ward off an invader to my home with blunt force to the head. Other than that, not so much! My MIL sent a fruitcake this year and i gave it to one of my clients- the client was SO thrilled it was hilarious! To each his own I guess!

        1. My neighbor makes it every year and just brought us some which I am enjoying at this very moment toasted and slathered in butter. His is of the light variety, he calles it stollen(?). I have never tried the dark, but this stuff makes great french toast.

          1. Black cake - that's the way to go! Marinate that fruit for weeks, months, however long you can do it. Burn your sugar and put the cake together and then make sure you keep it dampened with rum.

            Laurie Colwin described it best when she said that "black cake is bracing." She was so right.