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Dec 20, 2006 01:32 PM

Philadelphia restaurants near the Four Seasons

Hi! I'm coming into Philadelphia for a convention and I want to know about good places to eat near the Four Seasons hotel. Four Seasons hotels generally have great restaurants, but I'm going to be there a few nights: something close by would be terrific. I've heard there are some good sushi restaurants and Belgian beer restaurants in town; are those close to my hotel? If not, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. Philly is a very walkable city so you should have no problem getting around (as long as you're willing to walk). And you can get all over the city by taxi so don't hesitate doing some exploration. Rittenhouse Square is only 3 or 4 (or 5) blocks south of the Four Seasons. There is a prepondernace of great places in the RS area.

    Matyson (BYOB)-
    Tria (Beer, Wine and small plates)-
    The Happy Rooster -
    Monks (Belgian fare)-

    All great places....

    Just a few.....I'm sure you'll get more recommendations! Enjoy!

    1. i don't know much about belgian beers, but i love mcgillins. see if they have what you are looking for: the old bay french fries there are worthy of a special trip, though!

      i guess the abbaye in northern liberties would have belgian beers, but it's pretty far from you.

      1. Monks is a great rec for Belgium fare...if you're willing to hop in a cab, you might try Eulogy on Chestnut between Front and Second Streets. I wouldn't necessarily recommend Eulogy over Monks food-wise or beer-wise (they both have great eats and beers) but Monks tend to get SUPER crowded; Eulogy is a bit more manageable, at least in my experience.

        For sushi, you can't go wrong with Morimoto. Again, a short cab ride...8th and Chestnut I think. I always forget what block that is...

        1. My knowledge is a bit dated, but I believe Nodding Head is owned by the same people as Monk's and is closer to the Four Seasons - someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

          Genji is great sushi and very close to where you'll be - not as good as Morimoto but nowhere near the price tag either.