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Dec 20, 2006 01:22 PM

Looking for Loose Tea

Hi! I need some loose tea to go along with a gift I'm giving someone. The problem is that I am crazy busy, so somewhere in Rockville would be best (near to office) and it would probably have to be decaf.

Does TenRen do decaf loose teas? Do they have varieties like Earl Grey or darjeeling? Does Balducci's or Whole Foods carry loose teas?

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  1. Not as close as you would like, but Smile Herb Shop in College Park has a large selection of loose teas.

    1. Ouch, that's too far for me. Has anyone been to the Rodman's in Rockville? Would they have it?

      1. Balduccis and whole foods both have a selection of loose teas.

        1. Thanks, I'll head there first!

          1. Probably too far for you but Swing's Coffee by the White House has excellent loose teas.