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Dec 20, 2006 01:10 PM

Kosher in Orlando?

Looking for Kosher restaurants and places to get food for Shabbos while staying in Orlando.

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  1. try Kosher Kats I just ordered from them for this coming Shabbos. I will post on my experience when I return next week.

    1. Also check out

      Lower East Side Restaurant
      8548 Palm Parkway [map]
      Orlando, FL 32836
      phone: 866-KOSHER-ORLANDO; 407-465-0565

      I ate there last May - the food was very good and they will deliver -

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        Hechsher is non existent however. Apparently the Rav Hamachsir is just the owners buddy who lives 3 hours away in Miami and there is no mashgiach on site

      2. look up ole gourmet, they're 20-30 minutes outside main disney orlando area, but worth it, great food and prices.

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          unfortunately they closed down

        2. Amira's in Altamonte

          Ole Gourmet -

          Are you looking for Grocery?

          1. As promised, just returned from Orlando and would like to share my experience with Kosher Kats.
            Since we were staying in a hotel that did not have a way for us to heat up food on Shabbos we specifically ordered food that could be eaten cold. I made a point of telling Kosher Kats that this would be the case. We ordered a fully cooked roasted chicken, fully cooked chicken nuggets, assorted cold cuts, salads and bakery goods. The chicken nuggets and cold cuts were pre-packaged Aaron's. The nuggets were VILE!. As for the roasted chicken, it was delivered to us FROZEN. Luckily we had a microwave and we were able to defrost the chicken before Shabbos. The salads were NOT homemade, they were also pre-packaged. I guess the lesson to be learned here is that there is no place like NY.

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              i second the horrible experience from kosher kats. we had a microwave available to us, so we were able purchase food that could be heated up, but that made no difference whatsoever. the matzah ball soup tasted like carrot-tinged water and the matzah balls, despite having been sitting in the broth since the dawn of time, were somehow dry. the chicken was, quite literally, the worst thing i had ever eaten. i have never seen a chicken so fatty. it was all we could do to choke it down, but we had no other option. to add insult to injury, they sent us only one challah roll, though they had promised us two. and to top it all off, they charged us $50 for delivery, which was more than the cost of the food! avoid them at all costs.