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Dec 20, 2006 12:51 PM

Need to get out of Manhattan!!

Hi all -

I have some free time next week and don't have anything planned at all. My bf and I would like to get out of the city for a day or two. Any suggestions? We both LOOOOVE lobster rolls and oysters, so we would def make the trek to go somewhere outstanding.

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  1. There was a recent post on a place that is supposed to have good lobster rolls:

    It's called The Beach House in Old Greenwich. Not sure how their oysters are.

    But, the Oyster House on Elm St. in Greenwich is quite good. Been a few years, but people are still recommending it and I love it. Plus, Greenwich Ave is a good place to walk around when you want a respite from manhattan...

    1. Must disagree. Greenwich Avenue IS Manhattan in CT! How about hitting South Norwalk for some more unique shopping and the Maritime Center, then head to Westfair Fish and Chips in Westport for some great seafood in a highly informal locale.

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        1. Rowayton Seafood has a really good lobster roll (north-bound exit 12 off I-95. hang a right at the stop sign and drive another mile or so). eat on the porch (it's closed in and heated for the winter) or inside near the fireplace; no matter, it's all good. Great views of the Five Mile River and the Sound. Start with a vodka gimlet and a half-dozen bluepoints. This is a casual place; pricey but well worth it.

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