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Dec 20, 2006 12:46 PM

Beef Wellington - perfect recipe

What is your perfect way to prepare Beef Wellington? We will be having 5 people for dinner and I am not sure how many pounds of tenderloin I will need, as well.

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  1. The biggest argument I have is whether to cook the tenderloin whole wrapped with the dough or do individuals. I personally like the individually sliced, mushroom duxelle or pate, and then wrapped with the dough. A nice demi works great on the plate.

    To answer the question, I like a good 8-oz filet per person. If you do not want the liver pate, make a slowwly cooked mushroom duxelle instead.

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      If I made individual tenderloins what oven temperature would I use and how long would you cook them? It sounds like a good idea. I would think there might be a problem with the dough becoming over baked if I was to do one large tenderloin.

    2. I've made the following recipe for Tenderloin en Croute many times, which calls for a whole tenderloin wrapped in pastry and a coriander-walnut filling. It's wonderful and there's no problem with the dough becoming overbaked.