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Best Chicken Wings

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I'm had some amazing chicken wings throughout the city and thought Dinosaur’s BBQ had some of the best. Any other contenders?

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  1. Depending on what style you're looking for. I think Dinosaur is great for bbq's wings, but I think for Buffalo Wings, Blondie's makes a great wing.

    1. barrow st. ale house has great wings.

      1. Haven't made it up to Dinosaur, but I hear the place is great overall. I think Blondie's has the best wings in the city. They have two locations: 93rd & 2nd and 79th btw Broadway and Amsterdam. The wafer fries there are also excellent. Backpage on 3rd btw 84th & 85th makes great wings too. If you ever make it out to Jersey (and I don't blame you if you don't), try Cluck U. That place is amazing, even by New York standards.

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          Count me in as another BACK PAGE wing lover(it's actually between 83rd and 84th)...consistently up there for city Buffalo wings, and trying to reach Bonnie's Grill level (Park Slope/Brooklyn).

        2. Scruffy Duffy's on 8th ave in 40's are the best BUFFALO Wings in the city.

          Blondies w79th are thin and not great.

          Firehouse on Columbus Ave in the 80's are quality.

          Dinosaur are real good - but not traditional buffalo style.

          Virgil's are high quality grilled wings.



          1. Best wings in the city are at Rathbones - I also find that Blondies wings have too much vinegar in their sauce.

            Dino BBQ has a great chicken wing but certaintly not a buffalo wing and make sure your trip isn't too far home after eating them.

            I find the sauce at Backpage to be extremley lackluster.

            1. I have to vote for Croxley Ales on Avenue B. They have 10 and 20 cent wing nights throughout the week, but don't be deceived-- the high volume keeps their ingredients fresh and their wing guys on point. The hot wings there are in my opinion, perfection. I've also tried the next step up, xtra hot, combined with BBQ sauce. A sweet, absurdly spicy burn with every bite. Definitely worth trying.

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                well, as soon as i saw the title of this post, i eagerly clicked on it so i could give blondie's a thumbs up. lo and behold, many people beat me to it. sooo... blondie's. is cluck u the same as pluck u? they had several locations throughout nyc years ago, one of them being near NYU.

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                  Cluck U. is unfortunately not in New York at all. It is in NJ (Morristown and Trenton are two locations I know of) and DE.

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                  I co-hosted a Wings Night every Wed. all last year for 20+ Columbia students. It was glorious. I'm partial to these guys.

                  I'm pretty lucky to have Rathbones, Back Page, and Blondies in my 'hood. Will check them all out soon.

                3. I'm so with you on Dinosaur's barbecue wings. Wonderfully tender and they practically melt off the bone when you bite in. Almost like a cross between a rib and a chicken wing...

                  1. Agreeing with the poster who said Scruffy Duffy's ahs the best wings in the city. By far.

                    1. I love Dino BBQ uptown but if you want deep fried ones my vote goes to Hooters.

                      1. I know that Dinosaur’s ribs are not BBQ, but I would still put them up there as some of the best chicken wings in the city.

                        I’ve grown a bit tired of the same blah wings, though I’m going to run out and try the BBQ ones at the places everyone mentioned. I just found the wings at Dinosaur to be my favorites overall.