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Dec 20, 2006 12:17 PM

Good Chinese food for Xmas?

I'm looking for somewhere in the DC metro area to get good Chinese food on Xmas day...I live near McLean, VA and while there is good Thai, Korean, Vietnomese, Japanese....the Chinese around here STINKS.

Thoughts, 'hounds?

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  1. For Cantonese: Full Kee in DC. There is also an outpost in Va in Bailey's Crossroads, but I think it's a step down. Go for the duck stuffed with shrimp paste or oyster and ginger casserole. Pan fried dumplings.

    For Sichuan: The Chinese menu at Hong Kong Palace in Seven Corners Falls Church, VA. I like the Tangy and Spicy Dumplings, Spicy Dried bean curd, snow pea leaves, golden corn and eggs.

    Or for Sichuan small plates: Joe's Noodle House in Rockville, MD Shredded radish, homemade bacon and leeks, fried baby smelt with peanuts. or if you dare, the incomparable H-20 (Fish filet over vegetables).

    For Hunan: Peking Palace in Germantown, MD Order from the Chinese menu. Hot pots here are very good.

    For Chinese-American Food: Peking Gourmet Inn. Bailey's Crossroads. Expensive, but a step up. Garlic sprouts are a MUST ORDER. Also Kung Pao Chicken and Szechuan Beef Proper.

    1. For decidedly not authentic but still very yummy I always went to Mei Wah

      1. Full Kee in Bailey's Crossroads is a great suggestion. We went there last Xmas with friends after missing our overseas flight (don't ask) and had a great time. It's a nice space and they serve good Cantonese food - it reminds me of decent Chinese places in Hawaii, where I lived for four years - though at about twice the price. :( Still, I'm glad it's there.

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          1. Hunan Lion in Clarendon? I don't know of any by that name - do you mean Hunan #1? They do have big stone lions out front. It that's what you mean, it's not so good now and very expensive for what you get. I live a block away and never go anymore, though I like both authentic Chinese food and American/Chinese food, if well done.

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              Yes, I meant Hunan #1. There's actually a Hunan Lion in Fairfax where the fare was decent when I went to a wedding banquet a long time ago. I think they offer dim sum, but I don't know whether it's any good. What did you order from Hunan #1?

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                Honestly, it's been so long I don't remember much - I think we did have ong choi with preserved bean curd sauce, but it's been more than a year.

                1. re: chazas

                  Gosh, how could a restaurant get something as simple as Ong Choi wrong?