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Dec 20, 2006 12:01 PM

Whipped Cream/Whipped Topping

Familys doing a lot of baking and we need a ton of the stuff. Whats your fav store bought, CoolWhip, stuff in a can? Or can anyone tell me if I can make good fast homemade whipped cream with just a carton of whipping cream & a fork/whisk Thx

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  1. If you can find it, Land 'O Lakes has a canned whipped cream that isn't bad. It's not great, either, but it isn't as bad as Cool Whip. My personal preference is to make homemade, and you can certainly do it with a whisk, but it's a workout. If you make a fast figure 8 pattern in the bowl when you're whipping with a whisk, it goes faster. Add a little sugar to the whipping cream and maybe a little vanilla and it's a lot better than the canned kind, in my opinion.

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      Andie, I've tried Land O' Lakes and agree. Do you use superfine, granulated, or powdered sugar...or does it matter?

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        Adding sugar doesn't make the whipping of cream by hand go faster. I think the addition of sugar/vanilla is a matter of personal preference. I'd add a little, then taste, then a little more, if you think it needs it. If you have an egg beater, or an electric mixer, it will make whipping the cream faster. A couple of friends of mine and I just did it (whipped a pint of cream, by hand, with a whisk), and it took three of us about 15 minutes, trading off when our arms got tired, to get it fully whipped.

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          Oh, sorry - I didn't intend to suggest that the sugar helped the cream whip - I most assuredly know that it does not. I just always sweeten my whipped cream a little for desserts. tgb, I normally use regular granulated sugar - it dissolves just fine.

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            I like to put in granulated sugar right at the end, so you get a little texture too. I guess because it tastes more homemade. Well, that's how my father liked it so maybe it's just me. I also like to add Kahlua, or Amaretto, or the like, rather than vanilla sometimes.

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              Me too! I love Amaretto flavored whip. Mmmmm! (Bourbon's not bad, either...)

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          Another fun trick - if you buy the stabilized (non refrigerated) cream in either a small can or can do some really fun things with that. The texture won't be like fresh whipped cream per say, but more like a whipped frosting that will hold its form for over a week in a good sealed container in the fridge. Also it will be far superior to any of the half-fake whipped frosting you ever had on cakes that were store bought (a huge pet peeve of mine). How you do it - whip with about 3 TBSP of powdered sugar per cup of cream and add an extra tsp of corn starch too...the corn starch is the big thing that works to hold the form. Also as already stated in this forum there are all kinds of fun add-ins you can use to make this creative/personalized - from liquors, to orange/almond/vanilla extract, even cinnamon/cardamom/nutmeg if you want! I've done this version with orange/vanilla repeatedly and it was a far better topping for homemade fruit/grand mariner pancakes than any butter or syrup would have been. Great for cooking for one or two also because you can make the whole container of cream at once and have enough servings for several days in a row;-)

      2. If you don't want to make your own (I've never tried it by hand, but it would probably take a while) Cabot aerosol canned isn't bad, although it does have some corn syrup in it.

        1. I've done whipped cream by hand and it went surprisingly faster than I thought it would, though I agree it's a workout. IMHO, there's no comparison between the real thing and any of the canned varieties, and the less said about CoolWhip the better. A cheap hand-held mixer makes short work of it, so there's really no reason to use anything else - just remember to chill everything (cream, beaters, and bowl) well first.

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            I agree (esp. on the CoolWhip comment)! For a large group, though, and if there are minimal resources, I might try Cabot or see if Whole Foods had an aerosol version.

          2. Ive got a crew of kids so Ill have to have some CoolWhip at hand. They love the stuff.

            1. I'm sorry, but Cool Whip is vile. It doesn't even taste like food, it tastes like a lab experiment gone wrong.

              Making whipped cream is very easy, but there are occasions when one wants whipped cream in a can. None of them, however, should involve blood relations.

              An inexpensive immersion blender makes whipping cream very easy and it will hold nicely in the refrigerator. Most importantly, you can control the amount of sugar which in my opinion should be the barest minimum. I usually just use regular granulated sugar and have not had any texture problems. I also use whipped cream to frost cupcakes for my son, it is so much less sweet than any of the frostings I've bought or made. If you add just a little bit of gelatin, it sets up beautifully and the kids love it!

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                I've always thought that Cool Whip tasted like the "whipped cream" version of CoffeeMate creamer. Blech.