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Dec 20, 2006 10:19 AM


We're in Singapore...perhaps a few days longer than planned. Anyway, we need a restaurant...tonight! Just traveled here from Hong Kong, so we've had a recent fix of Chinese food. Any recommendations on really good, truly local, representative Singaporean restaurants? I'm worried about tourist traps.

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  1. Try the "No Signboard Restaurant" in the Esplanade. They also have a branch in Geyland and they are well known for their Chili Crab and Pepper Crab--both signature dishes for Singapore.

    1. Do you want sit down restaurants or just places to eat? I tend to avoid the restaurants and visit the hawker centers. That way you get a taste of the local foods and great prices.

      1. Muthu's Fish Head Curry is uniquely Singaporean. Makes for a great dinner and a great story when you get home. When I went, it was mostly locals, except for me.

        Most food in Singapore is greatly modified from its origins. Roti prata, chili crab, laksa, rojak, chicken rice, are all dishes that are derivative but also uniquely Singaporean.

        Wander around Little India, or go to Croosroads in Grand Hyatt on Scotts. Both good. Or hang out in a hawker center or in Wisma Atria 4th floor (see the guy making roti prata).