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Dec 20, 2006 08:44 AM

Pasadena (or Thereabouts) Bakery with Good Sticky Buns/Pecan Rolls

I am never sure what these are called - basically a sweet bread dough, rolled thin and brushed with butter and cinnamon sugar, then rolled and sliced - baked on top of a brown sugar/butter/toasted pecan (or almond) mixture - turned out of the pan while still warm ...

I make them at home for the holidays, but our stove went and broke and the apartment complex says they can't have it fixed/replaced until after Christmas, so I need to purchase the rolls for Christmas morning.

It'd be grand if the bakery also has a good apple or berry coffeecake, too, so all of the family members' will be happy.


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  1. I happen to think that one of the best bakeries in the area is located in Pasadena: Europane on Colorado just east of Lake. I think that in the mornings they may have a sticky bun or something similar but if you call them I'm sure that they will be able to help you out.

    1. Europane does indeed have sticky buns, and they are awesome, just loaded with sticky caramelly nuts. I'm sure the other family members will find something they like as well: the blueberry brioche, a pear tart, ginger panettone, pain au chocolat (but these sell out quickly), toasted ciabatta served with good butter and good raspberry jam -- the list goes on and on. Great coffee too.

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        I love Europane, but I like sticky buns & cinammon rolls that have the sticky running throughout. Europane's does indeed have a big pile of caramelly nuts on top (we ate those) but the bottom is mostly kind of plain, uninteresting bready wound up roll. At least that's what we got there last week, & no one wanted to eat the bottom half at our house.

      2. You could also try Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock. Call them first and ask: 323-255-0800. They do cake orders, so they may take orders for other baked goods. I'm pretty sure I've seen sticky buns there, and they do many great fruit-inclusive baked goods.

        1. I think the cinnamon rolls at PIE N BURGER are awesome. The pecan rolls aren't too shabby either.

          1. Europane, definitely. And they also have this WONDERFUL coffee cake that they slice in triangles, huge triangles. It has blueberries and a lovely subtle lemon flavor. It's not always there (wasn't today), but it almost always is. You can call to find out about it.