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Dec 20, 2006 06:23 AM

I - 84 CT

Boston to Jersey trek....again. Loooking for a good quick easy on easy off hgwy diner for a bite to eat on the way down. Will be eating late to avoid traffic. Went to exit 10 diner last time and it was awful.

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  1. Im not sure of your timing on this trip but if your in the Vernon Manchester area. There is a place called Rein's Deli. in Vernon Not sure Ove the exit number Also there are a few places right of the highway in Manchester. Ct. With easy back on. There is an Appleby's and a Pizza Ouno. and a Panaria Bread. and a Mac's .Hope this offers you some options.

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    1. re: Earle

      Thanks, Been to Rein's...not a fan. Where about's is Manchester CT?

    2. I agree about Reins! Manchester is about 5 miles east of Hartford....nicely in-between Boston and NJ. If you would like a great burger, head to Shady Glen in Manchester. Famous for their cheesebuurgers...I grew up on these things! Nice fries and homemade ice cream too. Here's the roadfood writeup.

      There are 2 (the photos in the review are the *other* one on the other side of town). You want the one at 360 Middle Tpk W. About 1.5 miles off exit 60 (rt 44). Take Middle Tpk west (Rt 44E) into Manchester. Shady Glen is in the shopping center on your right.

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        Looks like its only open for bfst and lunch so won't work for us. Will be driving by very late evening.

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          They are open til 10pm every day except Sundays (8pm)

      2. Exit 16 in CT has a great resto 3.5 miles north of the highway. It's called Good News Cafe.

        Connecticut Mag just voted it second best resto in the state. DW and I have eaten there often and agree it's wonderful.

        DW loves the shrimp quesadilla and I usually have a venizon burger, although was not on the menu two weeks ago. I opted for the pulled pork and it was a tender as tender can be.

        1. Looks like its only open for bfst and lunch so that won't work for us. :/ We'll be driving by late (10p-midnght)

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          1. re: shaebones

            How about John Harvard's in Manchester. Not hugely chowish-- but fine and open late.

          2. Don't ask me why it's on a Los Angeles site, but here are two reviews of the Vernon Diner on RT 30 in Vernon, CT. I haven't been there, but have heard good things about it, and it's supposedly open round the clock. It's in the same area as Rein's.


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              Vernon Diner is pretty good...great cookies and kicks the crap out of Reins....right off I-84 in Vernon