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I - 84 CT

Boston to Jersey trek....again. Loooking for a good quick easy on easy off hgwy diner for a bite to eat on the way down. Will be eating late to avoid traffic. Went to exit 10 diner last time and it was awful.

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  1. Im not sure of your timing on this trip but if your in the Vernon Manchester area. There is a place called Rein's Deli. in Vernon Not sure Ove the exit number Also there are a few places right of the highway in Manchester. Ct. With easy back on. There is an Appleby's and a Pizza Ouno. and a Panaria Bread. and a Mac's .Hope this offers you some options.

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      Thanks, Been to Rein's...not a fan. Where about's is Manchester CT?

    2. I agree about Reins! Manchester is about 5 miles east of Hartford....nicely in-between Boston and NJ. If you would like a great burger, head to Shady Glen in Manchester. Famous for their cheesebuurgers...I grew up on these things! Nice fries and homemade ice cream too. Here's the roadfood writeup.


      There are 2 (the photos in the review are the *other* one on the other side of town). You want the one at 360 Middle Tpk W. About 1.5 miles off exit 60 (rt 44). Take Middle Tpk west (Rt 44E) into Manchester. Shady Glen is in the shopping center on your right.

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        Looks like its only open for bfst and lunch so won't work for us. Will be driving by very late evening.

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          They are open til 10pm every day except Sundays (8pm)

      2. Exit 16 in CT has a great resto 3.5 miles north of the highway. It's called Good News Cafe.

        Connecticut Mag just voted it second best resto in the state. DW and I have eaten there often and agree it's wonderful.

        DW loves the shrimp quesadilla and I usually have a venizon burger, although was not on the menu two weeks ago. I opted for the pulled pork and it was a tender as tender can be.

        1. Looks like its only open for bfst and lunch so that won't work for us. :/ We'll be driving by late (10p-midnght)

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            How about John Harvard's in Manchester. Not hugely chowish-- but fine and open late.

          2. Don't ask me why it's on a Los Angeles site, but here are two reviews of the Vernon Diner on RT 30 in Vernon, CT. I haven't been there, but have heard good things about it, and it's supposedly open round the clock. It's in the same area as Rein's.


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              Vernon Diner is pretty good...great cookies and kicks the crap out of Reins....right off I-84 in Vernon

            2. I am not sure how far you are heading west on I-84, but the Alexis diner in Newburgh, NY , first exit over the Hudson River, is excellent.

              1. Gold Roc Diner..in West Hartford, CT

                Exit 44 off I-84 East or West.....it's at the bottom of the exit...you should be able to see it from the highway

                61 Kane St., West Hartford, CT, (860) 236-9366. Gold Roc is open 24 hours

                1. Sience chick is right about Shady Glenn, but way out of your way, There are the other places in Manchester that i gave you that were avail. and im sure would be open late. The Pizza ouno and the appleby's im sure are open untill at least 11 to 12 ,and they are right off the highway and easy to get back on would only loose about 2 mins. The exit is 63 off of I84.If you are going west the exit is only a couple hundred feet long and then turn Left you will see the resturant signs ahead of you. Hope this helps. Earle

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                  1. This is a fantastic thread for those of us who occassionally wind up going this way, particularly those posts that note how close to a freeway exit a place is. I prefer "quick" when driving, which without any reststops I-84 is definitely not!

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                      Nardelli's for great subs and "anti-pasto" type italian deli food, Waterbury exit 25 (scott rd follow east to next overpass take a left and a left..if you look carefully there are small signs)
                      Exit 2-MillPlain Road, Danbury...Panda House, just up the road east of the exit..great sushi and chineese..there is also a Trader Joes Market, Starbucks and Desert Moon cafe (healthy mexican fast food chain off this exit)
                      Exit 10..opposite direction of the diner..Villa..great pizza good red Sauce italian, about 3 miles from exit 10/11..New Wok chineese, Panera Bread and in the summer on rt 302, Ferris Farm for ice cream, Slices of good NY style pizza on rt 25..South Main Pizza

                      !!!! and on rt 25 south (exit 11 left then left on 25 total drive 6 minutes..Mexicali Rose..unassuming small place with excellent authentic Mexican ( i think they hail from Oxaca)..!!!

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                        Isn't there a good diner on Mill Plain road (exit 2) also?

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                          there is diner (wind mill..??) never been tho..

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                            the windmill is regarded as the best diner in the danbury area...i should know i've lived there for over 25yrs... worth a trek

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                          Is Exit 25 @ Waterbury also the place that has the D'Angelo sub shop? It's not my favorite but my husband and his family love it so I try to indulge my husband on occassion when we're in New England.

                      2. Rossini's Pizza in Cheshire, CT, off exit 26.

                        529 W Main St
                        Cheshire, CT 06410
                        (203) 272-7297

                        It's a few minutes off 84, but a straight shot and worth going a few minutes off course. The pizza is among the best in the New Haven area, and that's saying something.

                        1. Traveler Restaurant, aka "Food and Books" to my friends and I growing up, is right off exit 74, in Union. It's open for b,l, and d, but I'm not exactly sure how late. They have great diner-type items, along with the more creative. You also get to browse their huge library while you wait for your food to cook, and take any book you'd like when you leave.

                          A free book and better than expected food!

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                            The last few times I've stopped by you can take THREE free books!
                            BTW 5 or so years ago I got a fantastic breakfast burrito there with hummus, spinach, tomato and soy sausage. When I stopped in about a year later and asked for it, the waitress looked at me like I had 2 heads and said they had never had something like that and clearly I was wrong. A little later in the meal she said she asked the chef, who said they had indeed made such a thing. I was sad they didn't make it anymore, but really pleased that I was not crazy.

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                              I haven't been there since high school (which was a looooong time ago), but a trip is due next time I'm in the area. Three free books!

                          2. There is a great Italian restaurant very near the Route 4 Farmington exit (39). Piccolo Arancio is only about five minutes off the exit.

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                              There is Rein's Deli in Vernon, easy off and easy on. There's the Vernon Dinner also right off the highway(RT84) There's a Denny's and Angellino's one exit farther down ,headed west. Exit 65 for Reins and the dinner and exit 64 for Angellino's and Denny's. Except at this point I must remind everyone including myself that the original request for a place to eat on RT84 between Boston and New Jersey was on Dec.20th 2006, I think its a little late for them. But I guess there are other travelers that need to eat, so I guess its not a bad thing. Earle Ct.

                            2. Ex. 65 Rein's Deli - excellent Jewish delicatessen you can't go wrong with. Vernon Diner - typical Greek owned diner - is next door and has large portions at reasonable prices. Ex. 63 Panera Bread and Uno's. Ex. 62 John Harvard's, Olive Garden, etc.