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Dec 20, 2006 06:03 AM

The St. Charles Streetcar is Back!

NBC evening news 12/19 reported that the streetcar is running again on St. Charles Avenue! A great day for the city of New Orleans!

Some of my favorite food adventures when I had out of town guests was to take them out to eat riding the St. Charles streetcar. To Manales. To Riverbend. Camellia Grill.
To Napoleon Avenue and then to walk up to Magazine for oysters at Casamento's. To Third Street and past Garden District homes to Parasol's at Constance for po'boys.
How far does the line go now? What hours does it run? What other restaurants can be reached easily from Canal Street?

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  1. At the moment, the line only runs from St. Charles to Lee Circle (I guess that would get you to Herbsaint). By the end of the summer, they hope to extend the line to Napoleon Avenue (then you could get to Emeril's Delmonico, Commander's Palace, Vizard's on the Avenue, Parasol's.).

    The line won't reach Riverbend for another year. By that point, Camellia Grill should certainly be open.

    (It sounds like the repair include some long-needed, major upgrades. Hopefully in the future the system should be easier to repair and run.)

    1. Also by Napoleon Ave. is voodoo bbq which is surprisingly very good and has really reasonable prices.

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        Voodoo is at the corner of MLK Blvd and St. Charles and would be pretty easily walkable from Lee Circle. I like The Joint for bbq much, much better.

        Taqueros/Coyoacan is across the street from Voodoo. Very good authentic Mexican food (be warned, it is upscale authentic Mexican cuisine; no rice 'n' beans on the side, and the portions are fairly small).