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Dec 20, 2006 05:05 AM

My funny experience at the food court...

So the South never ceases to amaze me. Today I went to the mall food court for the first time. Regardless of the name of the vendor, everyone was serving the same dishes. Each was also calling out for me to sample their seasoned fried chicken on a toothpick. A place called "Le Bon" which had pictures of deli stuff, as well as a Panda(?) express and one or two other palces, including the cajun place, all had general tso's chicken or other seasoned fried chicken, fried rice, eggrolls, and lo mein.
The people with samples were literally hawking their stuff and i was given toothpick samples of eveything, as well as having the various competing prices shouted at me.
I know fried chicken's a thing down here, but still..
There was also a chik-fil-a that had its own menu of fried chicken sandwiches.

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  1. And you *didn't* hit the Chick-Fil-A? What's *wrong* with you, man?

    Chick-Fil-A = fast food bliss that isn't available in Michigan.

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    1. re: boagman

      there is a chik-fil-a on campus. at first i ate there about 3 times a week for lunch, now it's down to 1-2. I had actually already eaten there for lunch a few hours before going to the mall!

    2. What's so strange about that? Was it the fact that they were offering samples? Was it the selection of food and the fact that there was so much fried chicken?

      1. It's the fact that EVERY place offering samples is offering a tiny bite of chicken on a toothpick and that all of the different places are offering very similar things.

        In my own experience it's not so much fried chicken as chicken in some kind of sweet sauce, and it's hardly a phenomenon exclusive to the South. Here in Boston the food-court Cajun place will be offering samples of "bourbon chicken," the Japanese place has chicken teriyaki, and the Chinese place has "orange flavor chicken." You begin to feel as though some of the franchises have invented a chicken-in-sweet-sauce offering just to compete, even if there's no normal equivalent in their cuisine.

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        1. re: Allstonian

          I know what you I live near Boston and all the food courts I have been to are the same. The mexican, Japanese, cajun, bistro, and thai places all give out sweet tasting chicken samples. Interestingly enough most of them call it "barbecue chcken".

        2. Sounds like when I was in Maine and EVERY SINGLE PLACE was serving lobster rolls. Even the McDonald's had lobster rolls, as did the pizza joints and Chinese restaurants. It was so surreal.

          1. my local food court:

            -a thai noodle eatery that has a 20-person lineup from noon to one
            -A&W (burgers, fries)
            -a greek souvlaki place, with chicken/pork/lamb/gyros, salad, rice, everything..
            -a salad place, with many sandwiches/salads/soups. fresh-looking.
            -pizza joint
            -sushi shop, for eat in or takeout
            -a lebanese place.. the best shish taouk sandwich I've ever had.. also tabouleh, fattouche, falafel, garlic taters, the works.
            -a "pita pit" type place
            -a hotdog/french fry stand
            -american-chinese (egg rolls, spare ribs..)
            -Japanese teriyaki stir-fry place.

            I'm spoiled rotten.

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            1. re: C70

              See the food court I go to has a pretty good selection. That is not The thing is they all give out chicken samples
              The one I usually go to has:

              Sushi Bar
              French Bistrot
              Dominican food
              Japanese food
              Taco Bell
              Burger King
              Salad bar
              Thai food
              Au Bon Pain