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Dec 20, 2006 04:42 AM

katsuya encino - blah

i always hear of katsuya as being really good, so i tried the one in encino since i was in training in the building across it. their lunch sets are a real bargain but the sushi was really disappointing!! whats up with that??? is the one in studio city the one that's good?

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  1. the one in studio city is "blah" as well as super crowded.

    1. A lot of people swear by Katsuya. I've never figured out what the big deal was.

      My favorite sushi joint at the moment is Shibuya in Calabasas.

      1. so i guess u shouldnt make a field trip out to studio city just to try it. that's one off my list.

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          the few spots worthy of your trip out to sushi row in studio city are: tama, asanebo, nozawa. just do the research and know what to expect before going to these places (style, cost, etc).

        2. Try Sushi 4 on 6 in the Office Depot plaza across the street (in the back corner). Their lunch specials are around $11 which is pricey but the sushi is really first rate and they give you a ton of food. It's actually a bargain because their regular menu is $$$ and it's the same fish. Regarding Katsu-ya Encino, I agree that the lunch specials are pretty blah, but I think they focus on the creative sushi/specials like spicy tuna on rice cake, etc. I like the Studio City location, but I've never had the lunch specials there.