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Dec 20, 2006 04:14 AM

New Years Eve in LA

We are visiting from San Francisco over New Years Eve. We're staying in downtown LA, near Wilshire and Grand. We originally had a dinner reservation at Roy's but we were just invited to a private party at Shutters in Santa Monica on December 31 from 5-8 PM. I understand there is a "Times Square" type New Years celebration scheduled in downtown LA that night. I'm wondering how much traffic we can anticipate going from downtown LA to Santa Monica and back. We would like to attend the party, but don't want to end up in gridlock. We also don't know LA very well. If it's a real problem, maybe we'll skip the party in Santa Monica and stick with Roy's. Any input would be appreciated.

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  1. This belongs to another board but...

    I'm not aware of any big new year's eve celebration in downtown L.A, especially "Times Square" style. I'd stick with the party in Santa Monica, and there are lots of great restaurants in the area. L.A's just so geographically spread out that there's no central countdown location where everyone goes like Manhattan.

    1. You are referring to "Giant". Expect many streets to be blocked off. If you get out of downtown early enough you'll be ok. To be keep this on food, there are some great restaurants within walking distance of your hotel if you are interested.

      1. we're la locals, but staying at the westin bonaventure for a few days for that party. it's giant club's annual nye event. several blocks will be closed off, but not where you are. the only problem is that traffic will obviously be affected since you'll be very near where the party is. i think an extra 30 mins or hour each way should be good enough.

        1. Giant will be held at Eighth and Figueroa in a sort of circus tent. It was scaled down this year after it got rained out last year. The Downtown News has a story on all the New Year's events in the area. Plus there's a new supper club called Tatou that is having salsa.