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Dec 20, 2006 03:37 AM

Taim doughnuts?

When I went to Taim last week (mmmmmmmm, falafel!), I saw that they had holiday jelly-filled doughnuts for $2. Anyone try these? Are they as well done as the falafel?

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  1. Does Taim have sufgunayout? That's great to know. How were they? Tried this place for the first time a few weeks ago, really great falafel, but they were very small for the platter price. Left still feeling hungry, but the quality was great. French fries looked good but didn't get them, and saw that extra sauce was an extra $1 (yikes!)....

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      The sauce is a saffron aioli. Saffron is pretty expensive. So the dollar price is totally justified. Besides, they give you enough that you don't need to order extra sauce.

      1. re: Miss Needle

        I agree, they give you enough of the aioli with the fries. I suggest a falafel sandwich (green!) with fries for about the same price as the platter and you will surely leave fala-full.

        On the topic of the aioli, I usually don't even use it. When they deliver they give you two little cups of sauce which I feel are more complimentary condiments. One's a sort of orange-yellow and tastes like an Indian pickle, and the other is like an Isreali chimichurri. I don't know what either is called but both are delicious, and I'd be interested in their real names (with a pronunctiation guide). I'd like to impress them there to spite my gentility.

        Finally, I want to make an unsolicited comment about the staff at Taim. Is it just me or are they amazingly friendly there? I have a good experience every time and leave like a sufgunayout stuffed full with good tidings.

        I want to try these doughnuts, by the way.

        1. re: TarquinWinot

          The green is also my favorite.

          The Israeli chimicurri is called "schug" (sp?). Love that stuff. The orange-yellow one -- hmmm... I haven't had it at Taim but at Olympic Pita they serve something that sounds similar. It's orange yellow and very tart. I believe it's called ambar.

          Yes, I've always been happy with the service there. They are indeed very nice.

    2. $2.00 is very expensive for sufganyot, they might be awsome or a rip off! I haven't tried them there, I always make a massive batch right begore Chanukah, recipe on Martha Stewart and makes about forty.