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Dec 20, 2006 03:18 AM

Pics and pans in and around Old Saybrook?

Back in CT for the holidays and planning a nice dinner out with the parents midweek after Christmas. They mentioned wanting to try Rosemary and Sage but the chowhound reviews seemed mixed, at best. Anyone been there lately? Parents favorites in the area include River Tavern, Cafe Routier, Aleias and Gabrielles. All of these are wonderful but they'd like to try somewhere new. They live in Portland so anywhere within 30-40 minutes of there works.

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  1. Lupo in Chester is wonderful, not much of a view but the food is great. I also think that the new cafe/bistro room at The Copperbeech Inn is great.

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      Thanks Gardencub, good recs! I should have put Lupo on there as one of my favorites ;)
      The new restaurant at the Copper Beech is a great idea! I haven't been yet (didn't even know it existed) and the review in the NYT had good things to say about it too.

    2. There is a new place in Old Say called Liv's Oyster Bar. Have not been-- but hear good things. There is a review on

      1. your parents do hit some of the better places. Off the list I'd recommend river tavern and Routier

        Elizabeth's Cafe in Madison has a diverse menu, but I'd err toward the peasant Italian dishes there. I heard Liv's is great, haven't been, but 5 bar stools? Need more than that.

        Lupo is tremendous for small plates or tapas but it's a tiny place, not much elbow room. Du Village and Le Petit Cafe are expensive this time of the year and a bit dated. Outside of places mentioned above, I'd head to bespoke in new haven

        1. Your parents list is a good one. You can add Jack's American Bistro in Old Saybrook, and Pazzo in Westbrook to it with no drop in quality. I have heard good things about Copper Beech since new owners took over but have not been there. Gabrielle's in Essex (75 Main St) is good, too.