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Dec 20, 2006 03:02 AM

Ft Lauderdale Get-Away

As a Christmas present, I'm taking my wife to Ft Lauderdale in January. This is also our first time to Ft. Lauderdale and we are staying in Weston. I've read many current and past posts with great recommendations. It looks like the Musuem of Art, Las Olas Blvd & Riverwalk offer great places to visit and eat. Chima's sound great and is on Las Olas. Need your help on a couple other ideas for a nice dinner as well as lunch places. I'm not familiar with the area so don't what to stray too far. Spanish, Cuban, French/Asian, Seafood influences all are open for discussion. A Peruvian coffee shop sounded interesting also.
I've read several strings about Anthony's Pizza. I wonder if it's too far from Weston to pick up and take back to the condo?
I also welcome your recommended activities as well.

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  1. Chima is a must- I would recommend going for lunch. Its almost all of the same meats and salad bar items, but less expensive, and i find a huge meal like that better mid day.

    1. There's an Anthony's coal-fired pizza in Weston, so it's not far at all. It's very good - although the menu is very simple. Pizza, wings, salad, calzone...that's pretty much it. they have a nice wine list too. You might want to eat there for a less expensive dinner out.

      1. If you would like to take her for a romantic dinner in the moderate price range I can't recommend The Herban Kitchen enough! My wife and I ended up there recently when the place we tried to go for our anniversary dinner was closed.

        We ordered only wine and entrees and were pleasantly surprised when our waiter delivered a basket of fresh warm bread, garlic toast and a whole head of roasted garlic. The bread was followed by a fresh green salad highlighted with sliced apples, walnuts, and gorgonzola with another basket of several freshly made dressings. (The roasted garlic alone won many brownie points with my wife!)

        The entrees were no disappointment either, I enjoyed penne with shrimp, portabellas, and artichoke hearts in a balsamic cream sauce and my wife loved her ricotta chicken. I've seen the "fine dining" nitpickers try to diss this place but I couldn't disagree with them more, for our $80 we couldn't have had a more pleasurable "chowhound" caliber meal.

        This is one of several gay owned restaurants that this straight couple has visited recently and in every case we have found some the best service in "service challenged" Fort Lauderdale! We were welcomed, pampered, and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

        1. There are a few good places out near you in Weston. Where are you visiting from, to help us figure out good and different places?

          Venezuelan (Weston is called Westonzuela by local South Americans):
          casual: Cafe Canela off Weston Rd. & SR84
          very casual: Panna Express in Exxon on Weston Rd (excellent pastries -- try the cachapas, tequenos and arepas)
          moderate steak house: Brassero's in Weston Town Center

          moderately casual: Tarantella in Weston Town Center

          Another good option:
          cheese course in Weston Town Center

          Blue Moon and Stir Moon, both in Weston, both not bad for Japanese and Thai (if you're from the West Coast of the US, I should warn that most of our Japanese food is not as good)

          Cuban: Casa Romeu (note: not cafe romeo) for inexpensive Cuban food in Pembroke Pines area (Sheridan and Dykes Rd)

          and you mentioned Chima: great experience, nice area, go hungry

          1. Wow - so many choices! Majority Rules - Chima is must and I like the lunch idea. The Venezuelan and Cuban choices sound good also. The Herban Kitchen is interesting - do they have a website?

            We are from Ohio and staying at the Mizner Place in Weston. Sounds like we don't have to stray far for good food.

            Any good coffee shops and/or breakfast places nearby for a low-key breakfast?

            Thanks for all the suggestions and keep them coming ;-)

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              There is a deli in Weston Town Center that is good for breakfast if you'd prefer to be waited on. However, I'd recommend hitting the Panna Express in the Exxon for a great breakfast experience. Savory Vnzlan pastries are a great way to start the day! And the cafe con leche served there is excellent.

              Tequenos = cheese stick wrapped inside pastry dough and fried
              Arepa = white corn cake. they split this and fill it w/ delicious fillings, like cheese. a typical Vzlan breakfast delicacy is a Reina Pepiada Arepa. It's chicken salad and avocado, and if they offer it there, try it!
              Cachitos con jamon/queso = croissant-like rolls w/o all the layers, stuffed with cheese, jam, etc
              Cachapas = yellow corn cakes, stuffed with cheese and grilled

              1. re: cptchaos

                we ate at Herban Kitchen 2 weeks ago and can't wait to go back. i agree with everything the OP said about it. we had a mushroom soup that was absolutely delicious. i had a pork cutlet with apple chutney - yummy. my husband had crab cakes that were mostly crab - very good. all this plus salad and dessert for about $25/pp. (without drinks or tip).