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Where can I find Poutine in the Bay Area

My friend from Canada keeps raving about Poutine.

All though I cant find it anywhere here. I heard its also a East coast dish.

Any Suggestions.


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  1. It's a Canadian (specifically Quebec dish). It's basically melted cheese and chicken gravy atop French Fries, man. You don't need it. Eat some great Quebec frites, munch on some of the local cheese curd from hand (it doen't squeak whe it's melted) and leave that gravy in the can.

      1. Haha

        Yeah I just want to try it once so I can tell him i had it. Its almost a bet bewteen him and I. He says I cant find it out here. I want to prove him wrong.

        I normally eat more refined foods than this but if anyone can point me to someone who has it that would be great.

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          Well, there was a sighting a few years ago at Boba Grill in Stonestown mall. The place seems to still be in business. Hope you will report back if you find it ... or not ... then we can scratch Boba off the list as a potential source. For some reason I am sort of remembering a mention of it at some recent food festival.


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            Taco Bell has Chili Cheese Fries, almost the same concept (probably tastier than poutine).

          2. Commonly referred to as 'heart attack in a box,' this chip stand staple is sold all over Ontario.

            High fat to put it mildly, don't know that I'd rave about it or make a habit of it....

            I much prefer a Bismark from Robin's, now eclipsed by Tim Hortons. Donuts, eh.

            1. It's actually supposed to be curds and not cheese, from what I've heard....

              I hear the Salt House on Mission has a poutine, but I believe it's made with cheese, so, it's not really a poutine. My quebeqois coworker had it there before and it did not meet his standards, though it's decent for non quebec standards.

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                I don't think that kind of fresh curd is available here.

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                  One of the North Bay Creameries makes cheese curd and sells it at the FBFM. Not Cowgirl, and not the one that used to be Capricious. The other one.

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                      Yes - It's Spring Hill. They sell it at FPFM & Alemany on Saturdays. You can also order online.

                      I have to say I'd like to try some of those garlic curds over fries - forget the gravy, though.

              2. oooops gary did mention the curds in his post. my bad!