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Dec 20, 2006 02:28 AM

Sugarplums from Andy's Orchard, Morgan Hill-Available in Nov & Dec. only! (pics)

I read about the sugarplum from Andy's Orchard in the Silcon Valley Metro:

Luckily my co-worker was able to get me one. It's basically a stuffed prune filled with nuts, honey, and a dried cherry in the middle. Cost $2.25 individually, 3 in a bag for $6.50; 8 oz for $10; 1 lb for $19.50. It's a sweet and good for a pretty healthy dessert.

From Andy's Orchard's website:
"Our California version is made with dried apricots, walnuts, almonds, fresh lemon juice and pure honey with a little added sugar. This incredibly rich and flavorful filling is wrapped in a large, sweet dried plum. (Formerly called prunes.


Except for a touch of rum-butter flavoring and glace cherry topping, we use all natural ingredients. For children, sugar plums are a healthful alternative to the usual holiday candy. Adults will also find them a festive dessert treat—a fitting conclusion to a midwinter night’s repast.

These sugar plums are exclusively ours...available in 8 ounce or 1 pound trays and in gift boxes. A seasonal item, available only from November through December."

I'll have to try their chocolate-dipped Blenheim apricots one day, they also have mail order available for all their stuff: Jams, honey, dried fruit, etc.


my pics:

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  1. I would forget the very sweet Sugar Plums and spend my money on their very fine dried fruit, Apricots, Pluots, raisens from this remaining local orchard. Worth the drive to Morgan Hill.

    1. Oh, I disagree. I love the sugarplums, although every piece of fruit, fresh or dried, from Andy's is delicious.

      I was there last week and bought a package of "Apricot Surprise," dried apricots stuffed with divinity and covered with chocolate. I was planning to keep them for Christmas, but there are only two left, and I can hear them calling to me.

      They also were selling a very nice dried apricot panforte made by a place in Chico called the Panforte Company. At least I have one of those as yet unopened.

      1. So, I think I'm going to make a trek to this place tomorrow. Any recommendations besides the sugarplums?

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        1. re: bourbongirl

          Well, the Apricot Surprises, for one. They also have chocolate-covered dried Donut Peaches that are cute and tasty. All of their dried fruit are really moist and luscious: apricots, pears and plums, you can't go wrong. There will be fresh Fuyu persimmons, which are also good.

          Their own-label jams are made by Village Harvest, from Andy's fruit, and are really, really good, as well as very prettily packaged.

          All that said, it's not a huge store. You won't be overwhelmed, unless you eat too much chocolate.

          1. re: moosechop

            Thanks for the info! Sounds like it will be worth the trek!

        2. Dec 13 & 14th 2008 10am to 4pm

          Andy's Orchard is have their HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE is this weekend.

          I checked it out today ~ there were lots and lots of samples to try out~ sugar plums, confections that incorporate Andy’s fruits with chocolates and nuts, panforte, divinity, and of course samples of their (very moist and flavorful) dried fruits. Also some dips, spreads (Miss Sassy with cream cheese is addicting), flavored vinegars.

          And the Sugar Plums ~ I think those were my favorite. btw~not overly sugary sweet.

          I think their jam was absolutely fantastic. Made from their fruit that was harvested in the summer ( a local non-profit organization named does the canning for them). Vibrant colors and full of flavor.
          I think VillageHarvest also makes the flavored vinegars.

          check out their Country Store - has some nice old fashion holiday gift ideas - And they do custom gift baskets, too.

          And "Santa" stopped by today (via his golf cart, guess the sleigh is in the shop! ). Such a quaint old fashion place, very refreshing when compared to the typical hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

          they even had complimentary drinks - hot cocoa, hot eggnog, teas, cider, coffee, etc.
          ~Happy Holidays

          1615 Half Rd.
          Morgan Hill, CA
          408 782-7600
          (Half way between Cochrane and Dunne Ave, on the east side of Hwy 101)