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Dec 20, 2006 02:17 AM

Tasting Menu Recommendations?

I am looking for awesome tasting menu + wine pairing in NYC. I will be in Manhattan 1/4-8, coming from L.A (so no sushi).

Per Se and Masa are cost prohibitive so those 2 are out. Anything else is fair game. I prefer less formal places (formal = Jean-Georges, Daniel Boulud) and definitely nowhere that requires a jacket.

I've already got Babbo res on 1/6 so I need 2 other dinner rec's.

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  1. Bouley is it. Informal, in a beautiful and romantic room, their tasting menu is sublime.

    There's a funny post elsewhere on this board about the sommelier not knowing his onions, so to speak, but I've always found the wine pairings to be wonderfully good.

    As for dress code, shirt and jeans are fine. I ate there on Monday, in shirt and jeans.

    - Sean

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    1. re: Sean Dell

      I ruled out Bouley due to what I saw on OpenTable:

      Dress Code: Jacket Required

      Now I'll reconsider...

    2. more options--gramercy tavern, eleven madison park too. other chowhounders--what about veritas? cru?

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        Veritas does not regularly offer a tasting menu though I have heard they will do one upon request.

        The tasting menu we had at Eleven Madison was out-of-this-world sensational. It's not the current Gourmand menu, but I can't imagine this one wouldn't be as sublime.

      2. I definitely wouldn't characterize Bouley as informal. I've never seen anyone dine there in jeans, but that doesn't mean it's prohibited. The jacket is requested but not required. Bouley's tasting menu is terrific. It's also quite reasonable at $85. I believe they also have a 7-course Degustation menu, which I've been tempted to try (you might consider asking). I know Danube has one.

        I'd pass on Veritas. The wine is the star there. If you're a wine person, I'd consider Cru or Veritas, but in terms of food I'd stick with Bouley (Danube is excellent, too).

        Also, WD-50's tasting menu is a lot of fun. The restaurant has its ardent followers and equally loud critics, but it's very casual and, at the very least, an interesting dining experience.

        1. Bouley won't throw you out if you don't have a jacket! At least they don't throw me out. It doesn't meant they encourage slobs.

          LA cool is just fine.

          - Sean

          1. Eleven Madison Park is a good option. Most people dress nicely, some with and some without jackets. Menu is wonderful.

            It is more low key, but have you looked into Mas in the West Village? They have a delicious menu that is a good value (not inexpensive but a good deal nonetheless).