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Dec 20, 2006 02:14 AM

Did You KNow Le San Souci in Astoria closed down?

I went there for lunch today only to find them closing up and cleaning out. The manager/owner said she lost the cook who opened a restaurant in Port Washington. She said they tried several cooks since this happened in October but they were not any good. They sold the restaurant and are closing. I was not a huge customer, but I did like the place. The atmosphere was good and relaxing and the food was usually tasty. It is sad to see this happen.


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  1. It's a shame, I'm sad to hear it. We didn't go that often either, but we always enjoyed it, for the same reasons you mentioned. It was good to have a place like that nearby.

    1. oh, thanks for the heads up. i was planning on stopping by sometime before the end of the year... it wasn't showstopping, but still... a nice addition to the area.

      1. They were a nice addition to the neighborhood, I am sad to see it go. I guess this leaves Tournesol as the only reliable French place in Astoria/LIC.

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          There is also Cafe Henri across the street for great French crepes and coffee.

        2. i think brick cafe is a decent alternative also. i liked the food better at le sans souci, but brick is ok, too.

          1. Really? Too bad. They weren't without their problems, notably in the service department, but overall a really charming neighborhood place. Oh well. Maybe an even better place will open in their space . . .