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Dec 20, 2006 02:08 AM

Good Butcher in Danbury Connecticut?

Is there a good butcher in Danbury Ct or nearby where i can get rack of lamb? PLease advise.

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  1. There is a Karl Ehmer's on Federal Road in Danbury, as well as Stew Leonards.

    1. stew's is probably your best bet... it's convenient, and i've heard good stuff about their meat. hahaha.

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      1. re: OEUFSKI

        stews has everything but the quality and taste is definitely second-tier. if you are expecting high end flavor, you'll be disappointed.

        1. re: jfood

          I'm a really, really big Stew's fan. However, you'll find that they can't get any meats custom ordered if you want anything they don't have in stock or don't normally sell. Their quality is better than the average supermarket, though on par with, I think, costco, etc. They do have a decent selection of organic poultry, relative to supermarket selections. However, if you want a real butcher, who can truly custom cut or custom order cuts, and has access to prime beef, etc., Stew's isn't your place, unfortunately. I actually don't buy any beef from Stew's, even though I go there weekly for the dairy.

          1. re: adamclyde

            When I was in CT, I was a vegetarian, but my meat-eating relatives would rant and rave over Stew's meats, so I just assumed, haha.

            Their cheeses, vegetables, and bagels are bangin' though.... mmmm. I kinda miss the never-ending maze of food, in which I could never really find what I was looking for, but instead find 8573953487438 other things that I wasn't looking for, but made reasons to need. hahahahaha. Danbury was the craziness...

            Oh man, there's that really sketchy meat place on White Street, almost across from Westconn, next to Matz Lumber. Hahaha, I'd never buy meats from there. But, hahaha, it is a meat place. :X

            1. re: OEUFSKI

              That so called sketchy place on White street doesn't exist anymore as a retailer however, I know him personally and he was probaby the best butcher in Danbury for over 40 years! He also wholesaled to many of the restaurants in town for the same time frame. He was federally inspected and when he was in business prior to his retirement that would have been the best choice for a meat purveyor.

              Never judge a book by its cover!

      2. Do you own a business, have a federal id #? Ace Endico in Brewster is a 6000 item warehouse wholesaler where you can get basically anything you want restaurant quality.

        Stews will charge you an arm & a leg and Karl Ehmers is a franchise deli not a butcher shop. Butcher shops have gone by the wayside these days and your basic wholesale warehouses are your best bet.

        1. Not exactly Danbury, but not far: the butcher at the IGA in Sherman is amazing.

          1. might want to try Balduccis aka Hayday in Ridgefield

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              Thank you--thats a great suggestion and not too far. thanks