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Dec 20, 2006 02:07 AM

Best All You Can Eat Korean BBQ in Koreatown?

Hi, I'd like to know what's a good restaurant for AYCE Korean BBQ; I've only been to Manna, but I'm sure there's better places around Koreatown, I just don't know where. Recommendations anyone?

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  1. I vote for Gui Rim. $15 AYCE, and more than decent panchan. I would much rather go here with its friendly servers and warm host/owner than brave the pre/post clubbing hoards at Manna (where the food's not as good either, from what my friends who have been to both say).

    In fact, I'd rather eat at Gui Rim than at Soot Bull Jeep, which is not AYCE but to me is not worth the $25+/pp and long wait.

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    1. re: Pei

      I know google is my friend, but indulge me. Where is this?

      1. re: MEalcentric

        3977 W 6th Street
        Los Angeles, CA 90020
        (213) 387-5459

        6th and Western, I believe.

        And while portions at Soot Bull Jeep are large, a lot of the BBQ items are well over $15. Meaning unless you have a large crowd, you're stuck with one or two meat choices, and will probably pay over $20 each. At Gui Rim you can ask for the A plate, which is an assortment of meat. If you have a small party, you'll get a small A plate to start, and more when you ask for it. You can also specificy what meat you do/don't want.

        I've never left Soot Bull Jeep paying less than $20 a person before tax and tip, and I haven't been very full unless the meal was over $25 each.

        I do like the green onion salad at Soot Bull Jeep, though.

      2. re: Pei

        Considering the volume of food at Soot Bull Jeep, it's effectively AYCE.

      3. I 2nd the Goo Il Im rec. I'm not sure if there is a sign actually written in English...but it is on 6th, a little West of Western (on the north side of the street). Look for smoke.

        It's so much better than Manna. In fact, I haven't been back to Manna since finding this place. Best of luck! :)

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          yes, the gui rim place is REALLY good....waaaaaay better than manna...its on 6th and manhattan...they also have a second location on 3rd and vermont. however u should go either really early or pretty late bc the wait SUCKS and ppl like to take their sweet as time once they've been seated (but I would too)

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            I'm pretty sure it's written in English, otherwise I would have had a lot harder time finding it. I haven't absorbed THAT much Korean!

          2. I liked Gui Rim but it can be a really long wait because it's a small place (both locations) and when I've been there they don't use the vent fans so it gets really smoky.

            Try Tahoe Galbi
            3986 Wilshire Blvd (at Wilton)
            $15 AYCE, they have 6 meats available

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              My friends helped plan a birthday get together at Tahoe Galbi and I would definately recommend it. The meat was good and it came very quickly when we requested it. All of us stuffed ourselves silly!

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                Tahoe Galbi is right there with Manna... poor service, poor meat quality, and just overall a sub-par experience. It's like a zoo when you go in, it takes forever to get what you order, and the food is just made for quantity...

                There's a new spot in Chapman Plaza where InterCrew used to be... pretty decent but still makes me feel like i'm in a bar, not a restaurant. Food is average, service is good.

                Just checked out SoNamu on Wilshire across the street from a SoonTofu place and I wasn't very impressed. Sub-par food, service was just ok.

                SootBul GuiRim 1 & 2 have the tastiest meats mainly because of the charcoal bbq. That also goes for SootBoolJip (although it's not AYCE). Service is usually good, even when it gets busy. Meat quality has varied from time to time.

                The Corner Place on James Wood is also great, especially on a hot summer day b/c you can finish the meal with their signature cold rice noodles (not buckwheat noodle).

                Not all AYCE k-bbq places are equal. I'd stay away from the super crowded places b/c you'll most likely get poor quality meats and bad service. I'd also stay away from empty/not-so-crowded places b/c there's probably a good reason for that. Outside of that, don't be afraid to try new places in K-town. There are many gems just waiting to be discovered!

              2. I don't know the name. But a co-worker took me there about a week ago and it was great. I was on Berendo and 8th street. Right above Olympic. Will drive by there this weekend and get the name. Defeinitely blows away any of the other places mentioned above.

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