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Dec 20, 2006 01:45 AM

Any good restaurants or diners on the Lincoln Highway?

We'll be driving on the Lincoln Highway through Chicago Heights, Joliet, Geneva, and Batavia. What are the best places to eat? It might be New Year's Day, so any 24/7 diners with decent food would be great.

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  1. See my posting on this on the Midwest Board, I mention Harner's Bakery and Restaurant in North Aurora Illinois, within 100 yards of a Lincoln Highway marker. Not much in this area will be open New Years Day and not much in the way of 24/7 at any time, maybe in Joliet but not in the Fox Valley area.

    1. Merichka's in Joliet might be worth a call to find out their 1/1/07 hours. It's a restaurant unchanged since the Cold War and renowned (especially among cardiologists) for its onion rings and "garlic butterine" soaked poor boy--not a New Orleans po'boy but a cube steak on a crusty roll.

      Merichka's is on the north side, the Crest Hill side, of Theodore St. (Rt. 7) at the Rt. 53 (Broadway) end about two miles east of US 30 (Plainfield Rd). Address and phone below. Have fun.

      604 Theodore
      Crest Hill, IL 60435
      (815) 723-9371