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Dec 20, 2006 01:40 AM

Looking for the most amazing Vanilla Extract?

Please baking has come to a complete halt as I've run out of Mexican Vanilla and seeing as how a trip there for xmas isn't going to happen...I'm looking for the best vanilla to be had in the T.O.!

Where should I go?

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  1. Best I've found is Zeron Double Intensity, used to get it at All the Best on Yonge but I haven't noticed it there recently, maybe Puseteri's or St Lawrence Market. The Big Carrot carries Frontier which is also a good one. Happy baking!

    1. I also like the Zeron 2X better than anything else. It's pretty widely available. I most recently got it at Nunzios on Bayview.

      Most of the "experts" I've spoken to recommend Neilsen-Massey. It is also widely available. I've seen it at Bonnie Stern and Williams Sonoma. N-M has many different types of vanilla as extracts, pastes, and powders.

      1. I have seen the Zeron at St Lawrence market.

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          I know what you mean whe you run out of the good mexican vanilla, I to did panic when I ran out. Found it at St Lawerance market but triple the price of what I paid in Mexico. How ever you can also get the Madigascar vanilla for I think about 10 bucks at this cheese-deli place on the lower concord level at the Manulife Ctr at Yonge/Bloor or Bay/Bloor which ever you are close to. The cheeses there are wicked too. Lots of samples at this time of year. Hope that helps. Tour boi

        2. I got Vanilla beans at the Big Carrot for 99 cents based on a tip from another chowhound. I understand that the Taihitan Vanilla is the best, $30 at William Sonoma.

          Looking forward to trying the Zeron.

          1. I just bought Neilsen-Massey Mexican Vanilla at Williams Sonoma. It's was $20 for 118ml/4 oz.