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Dec 20, 2006 01:15 AM

Full House Seafood in Arcadia - for dim sum recently?

Has anyone been RECENTLY to Full House Seafood (1220 S. Golden West Ave. in Arcadia) for DIM SUM? Please tell me how it compares with some of the others around.

We have been to most of the others, but awhile ago when we passed by this one, it appeared overcrowded and not too clean (the Health Rating at the time was a low "C" I believe). However, I have seen it appear on our Boards many times. I am seeking recent information for dim sum. Is it worthwhile? Thanks!

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  1. it is worth it and imo, is a step above 888 seafood in terms of taste and quality. remember "C" is for Chinese! =)

    1. By the way, they currently have a "B" rating. I feel that the best dim sum for the price is New Capital Seafood on Garvey Ave, cross street Del Mar. There is a crazy wait.

      Full House is one of the best in the area. Their dinner is pretty awesome and great price too.