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What is open (and recommended) on Christmas Eve?

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I'm in the Bay Area on Christmas eve before flying back to LA. Will be staying at the Hyatt near the Embarcadero.

It's a Sunday and it's Christmas Eve, many places are closed, any recommends on good and open? High end or low end, doesn't matter, just good food.


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    1. Here's the link to opentable to check what is available that night. It doesn't have the low-end restaurants though. But as rtmonty mentioned, probably most of the restauants in Chinatown will be open like R&G.


      Some of the restaurants mentioned like Aqua, Luella and Frascoti don't show up as available on opentable, though you could always give those places a call just to double check. Often there is availability beyond what opentable lists.

      Rue Saite Jacque and Perbacco seem to be available. Washington Square Bar and Grill might be a nice cozy place for Christmas. It is in North Beach.

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        1. The original comment has been removed