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Dec 20, 2006 12:49 AM

If it's not too early - what are you making/eating for New Year's?

I'm doing the full monty this year: toshi-koshi soba on NYE, o-zoni and osechi-ryori on the first. What are your holiday food traditions?

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  1. i am going home to visit my parents for the holidays. I am also staying home because I am too lazy :/

    I think this year I really want korean style sashimi with gochujang based dipping sauce or wasabi eaten with korean sesame leaves (or shiso). This is best served with soju and then when we are done with the sashimi, my mom makes an excellent spicy fish soup with the fish bones and left over meat.

    Kimchi bosam would be great as well. I am not that into the traditional rice cake soup. I like it better for lunch then for dinner. Plus I would like to eat something light with all the alcohol I will be drinking (:

    1. last year I made a three course dinner for DH and self. This year I may do same-

      polenta and red eye grayvy amuse

      pan grilled baby lambchop with baby arugula

      vegetable terrine

      cornish hen with fruit dressing

      vanilla ice cream with candied orange peel, orange zest and baerenjaeger liquer

      1. We have an open house on the first, in the afternoon, and I have a big buffet spread. I will have bruschetta, little garlic toasts with a white bean and garlic dip topped with parsley oil and fennel seeds, stuffed mushrooms, and an antipasto platter, with a beef tenderloin sliced thin, a spiral baked ham, biscuits for sandwiches, many sauces, and some salads and relishes and so on and so on. Dessert will be assorted cookies, fudge, truffles. Coffee, prosecco, wine, beer, eggnog.

        1. I'm going to go to a shape-note singing and potluck in Omaha (2 hours away). No doubt there will be an abundance of good stuff there. I might make a batch of my grandma's Dilly Bread to take over.

          1. We are also having an open house. We are serving lots of good solid food to fill any void that might be hanging over from the night before. Sliced tenderloin with horseradish/creme fraiche, Copper River smoked salmon, beer garden smoked salmon jerky from Sea Bear, pulled pork, coleslaw, finger sandwich rolls, hot crab dip, white bean hummus with baked wontons, cheeses from local purveyors, and mounds of chocolate and oatmeal raisen cookies.