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Dec 20, 2006 12:37 AM

Friday Breakfast nearly SFO

What is available near SFO around 10 AM on Friday? Any breakfast spots that I could kill 2-3 hours? Preferrably within 15 minutes of driving and not going into the city.

Just in case, any dim sum places open by 10AM?

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  1. Crepevine (on Burlingame Ave) is only 10 minutes from SFO. When done w/breakfast, you can shop the stores on the ave to kill more time. Great breakfast IMO.

    1. You could go across 380 over to San Bruno (literally 5 minutes away from SFO) and go to Cafe Grillades which is located in the Bayhill Shopping Center. They make nice savory and sweet crepes. There's also a Mollie Stones and a Starbucks in the center if you needed to hang out somewhere.

      If you drive south, there's Stacks in downtown Burlingame - pretty large breakfast menu.

      If you want more of a local place, Alana's Cafe in downtown Burlingame is open starting at 7 am and they have some great things on the menu. I personally like their oatmeal pancakes. The food is your basic comfort breakfast food.

      1. My immediate dim sum thought was Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae......but they may not open early enough for you.

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          The dim sum houses in Millbrae open at 10am on weekends and holidays, but probably not this Friday.

          A couple other Millbrae breakfast spots would be Peter's CAfe and Millbrae Pancake House.

          I think the Cheung Hing in Millbrae opens at 10am/10:30am. Not dim sum though.

          Cheung Hing [Peninsula]
          241-245 El Camino Real
          Millbrae 94030


        2. Harbor Village Kitchen at International Terminal A IN the airport might well be open that early, and they put out some good dim sum "samplers." (they are a spinoff of the late, lamented Harbor Village Rstaurant in SF).

          1. Nini's on Bayswater near Humboldt on the border of San Mateo and Burlingame. South San Francisco on El Camino Real, Joanne's