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Dec 20, 2006 12:33 AM

Balboa Sushi House

I'm interested in Balboa Sushi House, located at 4th and Balboa. Any experience with this place? Alternatively, I could go to Nagano, Geary and 2d. What do you Think? Is BSH open for lunch? Thanks

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  1. I have gotten take-out from there a couple of times, once donburi, and once a basic sushi platter for a party. This was a few years ago, but the quality was similar to Kitaro. The people were very nice. I don't know if they're open for lunch. I go to Nagano much more often.

    1. I like this place! The prices are cheap--well, more of, kind to your wallet. I tried it yesterday, of all days (vday) with my girl. We decided to go to somewhere new and I had to go play some volleyball later in the day. We usually just order some sushi/sashimi/appetizers, a few bottles of sake, chat, and enjoy...

      This is not the place to go for the latest, greatest, or for the most variety of fish. The menu items is not at all extensive or expensive. But the portions are good, and fish is fresh.

      Sashimi combo was $12 for a dozen pieces (your standard tuna, hamachi, and salmon). We also ordered some tobiko, makeral, and hamachi sushi, bowl rice, some gyoza, and seaweed salad, and 2 bottles of saki. All the fish was very fresh, and cold (no warm/lukewarm). The sushi slices portions were very generous.

      Place was unnervingly quiet around 6:30 pm. but became full around 7:30. Small joint, maybe at most 6 tables, no sushi bar.

      If you dont' want to always break the bank, and don't mind a homely and quiet athmosphere, try this place.

      1. I like Nagano too, but have been to Balboa a couple years ago and had though it did not stand out in my mind - it wasn't bad. I love Osaka on Fillmore (Between Pine & Bush) and Sebo on Hayes.