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Dec 20, 2006 12:21 AM

New to Houston - desperately searching authentic Indian food

Just relocated here from LA and we are used to grabbing a curry (tikka masala, vindaloo) without much thought. We've tried Kirin and Indika (good food) but in search of the real deal.

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  1. You have to go to Himalayas at Hilcroft and sw freeway. It technically pakistani but the food is the best around in my opinion. The owner's name is Kaiser and he is super nice and accomodating. Lunch offers a good deal for the lunch plate but dinner is the time to go. Tell Kaiser to get you a nice spread put together with 4-5 different dishes. The curry dishes are great the curry fish is very good and the nan is the best in town.

    1. You'll find real deal places all over the SW Freeway & Hillcroft area, though the are going to be a totally different class of service than Indika or Kiran's. Udipi is a nice vegetarian place in that area that has excellent food, with a buffet at lunch and regular service at night.

      The place jscarbor mentioned is excellent.

      I don't think you'll be able to get tikka masala at a real deal place, since it's really British in origin, but London Sizzler is supposed to have great chicken tikka masas. But for my money, Indian Wok on 1960 has the best chicken tikka masala around.

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        Thank you both! I will report back. What part of town is the Hillcroft area?

      2. Another vote for Himalaya. Everything I've had there has been excellent - chicken tikka masala, karhai gosht, lamb chapli, chicken karhai, chicken biryani. The Press named it Best Greasy Spoon of 2006, a fact which did not make Chef Kaiser happy. It's because of the liberal use of ghee in Pakistani cooking. You can request a less fat version.

        I posted about this about a month ago but will post the menu again:

        Dishes and prices may not be the same now.

        Hillcroft is on the SW side, crosses US 59 about 5 miles outside Loop 610. Himalaya is in a shopping center on the SW corner; the others are scattered around the neighborhood and as far as Westpark north on Hillcroft.

        1. Try Raja, a little place also on Hillcroft, in the same area other posters have mentioned. I am seldom in that part of town now, but several years ago I used to go there and get an enormous serving of curried chicken--enough for two people--for about $6.00. I imagine prices have gone up since then,though. They always had great desserts,too.

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