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Nov 12, 2006 07:38 PM


Major disappointment. We were so excited for this restaurant to open in our town. We could not have been more underwhelmed. The food and service were both awful. Our party of 4 had reservations for 8PM on a Saturday night. They were out of a lot of appetizers and main dishes. We tried to start with a moroccan lamb appetizer -- they were out. We went with the salads instead, which were fine.

After being told they were out of the hen (one of 4 meat dishes on the menu) we decided upon 2 lamb t-bones and 2 ribeyes. After 15 minutes the waitress came back letting us know that there was only 1 T-bone and 1 ribeye left. She suggested to go with a NY strip - which was not on the menu for the night. When the food came the lamb was raw -- not undercooked -- raw. The steaks were all like rubber -- and to be honest, it was questionable whether the ribeye was really a ribeye. The NY strip were probably quickly defrosted, maybe in a microwave. We sent the lamb back to be cooked. When it returned 15 minutes later there was literally no meat on it. 2 bites at best for a $35 entree.

On to the service: We waited 20 minutes to be seated for our reservation - no big deal. We were seated and ignored for about 40 minutes, although the restaurant had largely emptied. No bread, no water. We ordered at 9PM, got our main dishes around 9:45PM. The manager came over to apologize for the lamb being raw, didn't charge us for the lamb, and offered free drinks. My pregnant wife, and the rest of our party, were not drinking and asked instead for a dessert. The manager declined our request and offered coffee. We were going to eat dessert but decided to cut our losses. We went out for some nice ice cream instead.

So, to sum up. After $80+ a couple (no drinks, no dessert) we left starving and having had horrible service. Skip this restaurant. It really isn't worth it. Go get a slice of pizza across the street.

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  1. We agree with Suey7L above. We had much of the same experience. The service and food need a lot of work. At first we gave them some slack being a new restaurant and all. But the entire dining experience left plenty to be desired. Way too expensive for what it even tries unsucessfully to be. If you want organic food go to Comfort around the corner, or make it yourself from Whole Foods. This is a no go.

    1. Went with friends to Bloom on Saturday Night. We had 7:30 reservations and the place was 2/3 empty. The owner is friendly, excentric and apologetic for limited staff that evening. Overall, the food was very fresh. We started with salads. Mine was endive (not bitter at all) with almonds, dates and gorgonzola. Outstanding! My friends ordered trout and said it was wonderfully prepared. My duck was good, not great and the cabbage, a little to acidic. The absolute best part were the drinks. We tried a couple of their special martinis. But the SEXTINI was literally the best martini any of us had ever tasted. If you go, get it! Dessert was a let down with the chocolate tasting. The only good thing on the plate were the goat cheese truffles.

      Overall, very good quality, pretty atmosphere and WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Don't know if it will survive its location.

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        1. We have been there twice, once the first night it opened, once about a month ago.

          BOTH times, the food was excellent, and service was attentive. In fact, the only complaint we had was that the stylish silverware had a tendency to slide around the plate.

          Like other contributors, I have some concerns about whether the restaurant can survive at this price point (the place was virtually empty both times), but I would absolutely recommend giving it a chance. The first writers' experiences are far from universal. We will be back again, and I encourage others in the area to give it a try as well.

          1. I went here for brunch and thought it was a remarkable bargain. There was a small but carefully conceived menu (and the prices were almost guilt-inducingly low), and all the items were prepared with obvious care and attention. The french toast with roasted pears and mascarpone was awesome. Even the water jug was wrapped with a pretty scarf. The decor is lovely and the server was very friendly. I would love to try this place for dinner sometime and hope the aforementioned service kinks have been worked out.