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Dec 19, 2006 11:43 PM

Bombay Masala? - Just Opened Today at Bathurst and Eglinton

A brand new Indian restaurant just opened today on Eglinton West, between Bathurst and Allen Rd. - called Bombay Masala. I'm looking forward to trying it. Has anyone out there beat me to it?

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  1. I walked past it yesterday, but they are not open at lunch and that's when I was in the area. I was surprised to see that they are displaying a food inspection report from the previous restaurant, since it was dated August 2006.

    1. The previous incarnation was an Italian place that did not last long. A couple of years ago, it was Mariachi's Mexican restaurant, which was quite lousy.

      Pretty strange to have the old inspection notice on display.

      I think we might try it out tonight. I'll keep you posted. Sure hope it's good. This stretch of Eglinton could use a good Indian restaurant. We've got great Japanese (Sado Sushi), very good Thai (Sala Thai), pretty good Moroccan (Boujadi) and Chinese (Tasty Chinese), excellent Italian (Il Mulino), great Middle Eastern (Jerusalem and Halleluia) and some passable pizza/pasta joints.

      Could use a great old-fashioned deli and an authentic, non-chain Greek restaurant.

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        We dined here a few weeks ago and it is decent. Not worthy of a trip to it (i.e. doesn't compare to some of the places along Gerrard), but decent food if you live in the area. I'm also happy to see an Indian joint open up in the hood.

        1. re: bluenotion

          We have had take-out once and dined in once - both times were less than memorable (to say the least). Flavours were very thin and bland, not to mention most of the meat was dry and tough. the service was also horrible (due to being short staffed they said???). For me - it's worth the trip to go out to 410 and Hurontario to dine at Nirvana. Very authentic (for T.O) and probably one of the best. For downtown Indian, I would have to say Dhaba on King is (or was) a year ago one of the better spots!