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NYE in the Upper valley?

Looking for a great spot for a quiet New Years Eve. Any suggestions?

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  1. I guess if I had an answer to your question I would know, but where in New England is the Upper Valley?

    1. It refers to the upper Connecticut River Valley – thus the area around Lebanon and Hanover NH, and White River Junction, Norwich, and Woodstock VT.

      1. My quiet spot will be home, hanging with my honey, making pizza and drinking sinfully good champagne.

        1. Sorry about not being more specific.
          I know that NYE can be kind of a non-event food wise but any suggestions of where to go?
          The sinfully good champagne will be chilling in the fridge til we get home!

          1. I would call all the usual suspects to see if they're open, what they're doing, etc. Home Hill Inn, Peyton Place, Carpenter and Main, Prince and Pauper, etc.

            1. Don't forget our usual suspect, The Quechee Inn. We love going there. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is cozy and intimate with great service. The Lauren in Woodstock has been recommended to me but I cannot vouch for it.

              1. Does anyone know anything about- como va, tip top, or the parker house?

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                  I went to Como Va several years ago and was unimpressed - not too great Italian food (on par with Three Tomatoes) at sort of pricy prices. But they may have changed... along those lines, I used to love love love Tip Top, but haven't been since it reopened.

                2. Kedron Valley Inn is usually nice and low-key (went there a few years back).

                  I'm not sure about Tip Top, several other days like that they've had a party (Halloween, for example).

                  1. Anyone know anything about the parker house? We were thinking of going there - heard some good things about it and I think it changed hands a few years ago, right?